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    Dean has the right brain, but the wrong face for DNC to be, unless he can brush up on how not to stick foot in mouth as he did over and over on primary trail.

    It makes me laugh when people want DNC-to-be to bring the focus back to "true progressive values".  Ummm, we just had the most motivated progressive voting base of my lifetime, we gave more votes to that stiff than any other Dem in history, and we still got thumped.

    Sooooo, how exactly is taking the Dem image towards "true progressive values" supposed to get us more votes to win?  In reality-land, we need a moderate face to trick the public, and then once we are in power we need to aggressively thrust our pulsating pistons of progress into the shafts of the legislature.

    In reality-land, most voters will vote for us if we show our passion and conviction for our ideas and direction.  Dean hinted at this on his blog the other day.  WE are now a party of pansies.  We all know it appears this way.  We must win the propaganda war.  Politics is manipulation, and once we manipulate our victory, we can procreate real change can we not?

  • So, let me get this straight.  A meeting where Betty Castor is suggested for mayor is a 'hopeful' meeting?

    This is why your type of thinking will always lose.

    Only a moron would place bets on Castor for governor.  She couldn't even beat Mel Martinez, a know-nothing drip with the charisma of a shoe string.

    Damn, I hate this.  THIS is why we keep losing!  Because we continue to advocate the nomination of dweebs, policy wonks, and ugly candidates.  
    Anyone who advocates that Castor is a great nominee should be shot and have their progressive privledges revoked.

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    The other day I was thinking, so what if Roemer's in, as long as he's willing to fight.

    But now I say F--- that.
    We need someone with BALLS, like Landreiu from Louisiana or that kickass lady from Michigan (forgot her name).

    We need someone like Dean, if not him, who is aggressive and charismatic.  If Dean gets it, I think we have some promise because he looked a lot better on MTP this month than he did the whole primary where he kept putting his foot in his mouth.  As long as he shows he is ready for prime time, it's cool.

    Man, I'm just so TIRED of losing and letting losers direct my party. And it is my party too.

    Ron Reagan was on Hardball MSNBC tonight and he spoketh the truth.  Our representatives don't stand for anything anymore.  In the great movie SEVEN, John Doe says "You can't just expect people to pay attention nowadays, you have to hit them over the head..."  

    We must hit our leaders in the head and make them listen.  How can i do that this evening?  Is there an email or an address # I can contact to let my reps know I'm coming to hit them on the head?

    I need some direction from my small island of blue in Orange County Florida.

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    I didn't approve of my fourth grade teacher, but I was afraid of him and did what he said.

    Fear is a great mainpulation tool.  We could use it as well, but our leadership is too weak to do so.  This may make me sound unprincipled, but Principle #1 is to win.  Then you can get into the other details.

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    Even if you hate pro-life positions, you have to admit there are a good number of pro-life dems or dems that are at the least confused on what to believe about the subject.  

    To me a pro-life dem doesn't care for abortion but isn't into telling others what to do if an uncle rapes them and they get pregnant.

    To be dissmissive of them just because most pro-life proponents act like morons is a mistake.  You can invite them back into our party without giving in on the issue.

    But, then again, you need a spokesman/candidate who will actually talk about it. But they avoid it cause they are intimidated by religious megaphones and get painted as a party who LOVES aborting babies.

    We just need a DNC-to-be with BALLS.  Cause you can't have someone paint your house if you don't allow them in your yard.  And we have let them in our yards for too long.

  • Funny thing, I would never vote for a republican, but when I listen to L. Graham he doesn't seem too bad.  I'm probably wrong though.
    I don't live up there.
    I'm stuck here in my little island of blue in Orange county Florida, so what do I know?
  • Actually, I like it when my HMO gets me out of his office in fifteen minutes.  Better than the three hour wait I used to have.  And if he misdiagnosed me I would sue him.

    These drug prices are crazy.  I try not to go to the doctor.  I try to eat healthier this year and am working out to avoid sickness.  I quit acknowledging stress to remain healthy.  And if I actually need prescription drugs, I just go to my grandma's or my dad's medicine cabinet.  They never fucking finish their supply.  They got everything in there I would ever need.

    Like the great Metallica song -
    Sad, but true.

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    Can't eliminate poor.
    King has to have subjects or else he isn't a king.
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    Personally, I lean towards Dean/Rosenberg for DNC-to-be, but if Roemer gets it, so what???
    Actually, none of these guys tickle me too much.  I don't care what a guy has or hasn't voted for.
    I don't care if a guy got on TV repeatedly during the last primary and was made to look like an angry fool. I don't care if ACT actually had convicted child molesters from out of state knocking on my neighbor's door for Kerry last summer (actually, that did bug me).

    I care to win.
    And to do that, the DNC-to-be needs to IMMEDIATELY hit the ground running to turn our next campaign into one massive GOP crushing machine.  This can be done through organization, taking away their weapons, and having a set of cast iron indestructable BALLS.

    So, while people get their panties twisted over this guy or that one, I don't have problems with that.  Just make sure we put pressure on the actual winner to engage us so we all can coordinate our message and plan to win.

    If that's Roemer, great.  He better be ready to work his butt off with us.
    If it's Dean, even better, just as long as he gets himself ready for prime time this go-around.
    If it's Rosenberg, fine.  Just please no more former rapists in my front lawn.  That don't play well in the papers.
    Thank you.

  • Future DNC head needs to play the role of main spokesman on this issue and others.  And future DNC chairman has to be charismatic and aggressive and consistent.

    I went to the circus last year and they had the big main tent and eleven little sideshow tents.  Everyone left talking about the action in the main tent with the elephants and trapeeze artists.  But they ALL visited the little tents, too.  

    Future DNC head has to be the ringleader in our big tent on ALL issues.  When we don't speak loud enough about issues like abortion rights, the customers are left only with the voices from the little tents, the planned parenthoods, Hollywood Activists, etc..

    We need the little tents, but the main memorable message needs to come from the DNC ringmaster and candidate. So, whoever they pick, I hope they are ready to grab the megaphone, the whip, and prepare to hold the interest of the crowd.

    But that's just my opinion from my small island of blue in central Florida.

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    I'm not too up on conspiracy thoughts, but the math on this doesn't add up, plain and simple.

    Bush team is very incompetent on policy, but on politics, they perform with a surgeon's precision and a Machiavellian foresight.  

    Even before the public Bush endorsement of Kerik, corruption stories began bubbling up in corners of the media.  Yet they went forward and threw him out there.  Why, when in the past 4 years they have made very few missteps in political decisions.  Is it reasonable to believe that the same Bush team that was boasting of knowing 'where every republican voter lived' in every Ohio county last March (which, it seems they did) allowed this HUGE misstep to occur?

    It doesn't add up, unless you put it in the context of Guiliani.  Machiavellian principles imply that you have to cripple those who help you obtain power before they eventually depose you of it.  Bush team ideologically wouldn't want Guiliani as successor to their legacy.  He really isn't a republican.  Bush team politically wouldn't want Guiliani as successor, as it would hamper the real candidates they want to help install.  Either Frist, Santorum, or the like...or my personal pick - Bush III from here in Florida. (And if Jeb runs, watch out...)

    The Kerik crap is just a pre-trial hearing in the case against Guiliani, before the main evidence of his misdeed is relayed late next year.  That math adds up a lot more than thinking Bush team "just made a mistake".

  • I know many pro-life democrats that are that way in their own lives, but aren't too up on government and strangers poking their noses into their wombs.  Though they might not get an abortion, they don't want it criminalized.

    I think you can find a way to talk to these people. Unfortunately, when is the last time someone tried?  Best way to disarm an enemy is to take away the weapon.  Exploring this area in terms of perhaps rape/mother's health concerns/incest/adoption-promotion might not disarm totally, but would make more sense than not discussing the issue, much like Kerry did most of the campaign.

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    Dean on MTP was right: our representatives need to engage pro-life dems who don't vote for us anymore because we let the GOP paint us as promoting abortions when really we just don't want anyone telling us what to do with our bodies.

    Unlike many, I'm not scared by Tim Roemer as DNC head, as long as he doesn't play into the GOP hopes that we compromise our freedom of choice principles.

    We just need someone with a plan, organization, and balls.  Someone who is capable of engaging us AND the resistant establishment in the common goal of winning.

    So, whoever gets this DNC job, we need to make our voices heard and make sure we have a seat at the table and that they engage us too.

    To sin by silence makes cowards of men.
    We plan on staying vocal.

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    Many pro-life democrats don't vote for you anymore.  How do you plan to engage the abortion subject without flushing your core beliefs and trying to act more republican?

    Or, how to debunk the liberal stereotype that democrats love abortion and celebrate in the streets when one is performed....?



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