• When we crow endlessly about how awful it is to be 'labeled', it makes it easier for them TO label us.


  • Let's acknowledge reality, that is when we leave Iraq like this, we'll have to go back in there within six months.

    We tore the house down because we said it was infested with cockroaches.  
    We didn't find any cockroaches.
    While we stand there holding our dicks and scratching our heads, all the real cockroaches from the neighborhood convene on this torn down house.  So, if we leave it, we leave it with a serious infestation problem.  And eventually the cockroaches have free reign on this land and they evolve and have another place to plan on spreading their cockroachness.

    Or we could exterminate them now, but all GOP seems to do is plug one hole while creating three more for the bugs to get in.

  • exactly, and let em know we don't give a fuck if they don't like our voices.

    Shove it back in their faces.

  • By the way, looking at the map, FL is red america too, but he dominates all other morning radio, even many conservatives.

    I hate that map anyway.  If your county has just one more vote for Bush than KErry, your county is paintes all red.  What simple-minded crap.

  • Kerry's daughters or son in law could have gone.  
    Anyone affiliated with teh campaign was too afraid to even make an off-air call to them to thank them for reaching out to millions for them.

    That is crap.

  • In Orlando, no question it's Howard Stern.

    He took on hard-core for Kerry every single day between bouts of masturbation talk and throwing bologna at strippers' asses.  Hooked up his website with voter reg. and anti-GOP articles updated everyday.

    The other day he was lamenting that for all his pushing for Kerry, not ONCE after the election did anyone, even on the sly, call him to thank him for his support.  He publicly said it made him not want to support pols in the future.

    I listen every day.  He got thrown off Clear Channel TWO WEEKS after he began bashing Bush.  Then he got back on another station here and pushed hard against Brownback and most all GOP.
    And not even one measley pimple-faced campaign staffer could thank him.

    REASON # 2,983 WHY WE LOSE.

  • Exactly kitsae.

    And with a name like Christ, we need better name-recognition than Castor.

  •  But it killed other dems as well.

    I remember reading Newsweek in March when Mary Beth Campaignkill from Kerry's team was remarking how they wouldn't go negative because the USA wouldn't tolerate that kind of campaign after 9/11.  In the same paragraph it was summarizing the 4 new negative ads the GOP was preparing to launch.


    And this lady was on CSPAN the other day in a forum with Kenneth "Rainmaker" Mehlman about campaign strategies.  She was in undescribable denial about her piss-poor plans to win.

    Let's blacklist anyone that was on Kerry's team from any Pres. race in the future, with a pardon to clintonites who helped Kerry shape up somewhat in the last two months.

    How about it?

  • Yeah, I guess the smartest thing she did was launch pre-emptive ads about that alleged-terrorist-with-the-name-I-can't-pronounce BEFORE Martinez did.  I remember seeing her ads about her "attempts" to fire him, and then a few days later, Martinez ran his ads and it made him look like he wasn't following what she was doing.

    But you can't deny that we are a party that is stubborn with nominating people over and over who don't win.  I don't think she would be elected governor, but I could be wrong.

  • if.

    damn those hooked on phonics.

  • ...we don't have a prayer is we nominate someone named after motor oil.

    And again, why does Jerome think nominating Castor is a good idea?

  • #2 in the above post is the thesis of why the democrats have lost the last ten years.

    It is the cold hard truth.
    And it cuts deep past the red herring values fights, liberal labels and such.

    It's about failure of cold mechanics.  

    Hiring losers to help us win.  If there is a reason many people feel George Orwell is spinning in his grave, we are half-guilty as wee.

  • comment on a post DNC CattleCall: Holiday Edition over 9 years ago
    I remember seeing a whole hour-long CNN crap show about how crappy and unorganized the DEan campaign was.  Yeah, now that I think about it I remember DEan and Trippi remarking about not knowing about the money and who was paid staff.  And they thought it was great that they ceded control to local people everywhere.  Yeah THAT'S what this crappy party needs:  MORE disorganization.
  • comment on a post Concerning Dean & the DNC over 9 years ago
    Dean is an attractive candidate because he has charisma and enthusiasm in a party full of public weenies.

    I think he COULD do some good as DNC head, but I FEEL that he would mostly go on TV and put foot in mouth like he eventually does because he has an admirable lack of a brain2mouth filter, which is a great personal quality in my mind, but will scare Joe Voter.

  • on a comment on Concerning Dean & the DNC over 9 years ago
    Ummm, go then.

    We won't really need you to win next time anyway, because if you even think of saying somthing like that, you don't really care about what you say you do.


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