My open letter to new DNC head Mr. Dean, pardon my language.

Dear Mr. Dean:

Though I openly supported Rosenberg (he reminds me of that quiet nerd in the back of the class that knew all sorts of dirt on everyone else), I eagerly await your leadership and I am interested to see what you can come up with.  I hereby pledge my person to work under your leadership in the greater good of crushing the facist cocksuckers who run my fed, my state.  As frustrating as it has been for the 49%, it is double-frustrating for us in Florida, as we are under the rule of Bush II and Bush III as well.  

I stand united with you as all progressives should.  I promise to work hard with my local democratic orgs to pump people power back into my small island of blue in Orange County, Florida.

I have hopes for you and know that as soon as you take office, there are old ghosts who will emerge from the shadows to pull you this way and that.  I pray that you have the balls and the strength to swat them away and stay true to your principles.  These are the people that will make your job just as difficult as will the GOP.  I pray that you will ignore the advice of the consultants and the perrenial losers who lost campaign after campaign.  

Tonight, I also pray that you heed Donnie Fowler's words at last week's DNC meet.  I pray that you know and feel in your heart, that the fascist GOP leadership is truly in the business of putting us OUT of business for good.  Technology, grassroot reform, and message delivery reform are going to be your mission.  I stand with you and will be praying for you to succeed.

I also pray that you make good on your Meet the Press inclinations to find a better way of articulating our views on reproductive rights in a way that doesn't make it sound like we celebrate in the streets everytime an abortion occurs.  Hillary recently nailed this with a simple statement about abortion rates in the Bush V. Clinton era.  

Finally, I stand ready armed with my feet, my mouth, and my hands to go to combat with you for the greater good of my family and neighbors.  I trust you will lead us back to the road of victory.  Because truly, fuck those republican cocksuckers.  John McCain was on Hardball on MSNBC tonight and was laughing about the democrats being cut out of power for the forseeable future!  Fuck these borrow and spend motherfuckers and how DARE they fucking laugh at us!  Fuck them all, Howard.  Fuck'em!  

Let them laugh as we are fucking pissing on their political graves the motherfuckers!  I hope you hire Simon Rosenberg and Donnie Fowler to beat that Stalin prick Rove and his Bushteam into the fucking ground!  Fuck them and their fucking trophy wives!  I'm fucking pissed and I want some political blood, Howard!  Let's beat them to a fucking pulp!!!!

Looking forward to your leadership,

Sam Loomis

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But how do you really feel about Rove?
I think Howard Dean will appreciate your passion Sam.
by Gary Boatwright 2005-02-01 06:36PM | 0 recs
Love the passion; less so the w$%ds
Sam, I understand your passion and agree w/your positions.  

But my Mom would be horrified by your language.  We need to start thinking like the new majority party and a couple of asteriks and pound signs are not too difficult.  

Having said that, I took my teenager to a Howard Dean rally in August of '03 and at some point, yours truly said something like 'F($# YEAH!

Anyway, we deserve our day in the sun, but let' make sure we realize the SCLM will be watching more closely now.  

by weinerdog43 2005-02-01 07:19PM | 0 recs


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