Cable news rapes blogs

Any more of this and we will need to send mydd, Kos and others to a rape crisis center.
I know it is pretty bad over there at CNN.  I know that y'all are searching for an identity over there and you have lost your way.  Tucker is a dick, you have a new boss, Faux kicks your ass daily....
I realized it was really bad when I checked out "Inside Politics" today and instead of reporting on their own stories, they had two cute girls sitting at computers, reading blogs to me.

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I know I'm a lazy guy, but really, girls, I don't need someone to read to me. Thank you.

Have you noticed how M$M is now looking to blogs and internet sites to do their reporting and scooping for them?  
Lazy and unimaginative? You bet.

It is also embarrasing.  Right now I am watching the most undeniably crappy cable news show to air since "Donahue", or "Connie Chung Tonight".  
Airing daily at 1 & 5pm on MSNBC is "Connected: Coast To Coast".  Ron Reagan and some blonde chick anchor this train wreck that makes "Scarborough Country" look like "Frontline".

The premise is that it panders to those who are 'connected' on internet blogs, email, & TV sets.  I guess they are trying to ride the 15-min. media-darling coattails that blogs have at this moment.  They had Chris Bowers on today to talk about what blogs are talking about concerning the news the blogs hear about the coverage of Bushteam's trip to Europe.  Huh?

News anchors asking bloggers what's goin on in the world, when blogs get many stories from various AP reports. This hall of mirrors is pretty silly and it just denigrates CNN and MSNBC further down than they already are.

Just like most news sources crib stories from NY Times, cable news is now taking news from blogs, which have taken them from other news outlets.

Trust me, their blog fetish will not last long.
Kos, Powerline, mydd....all of them will fall in and out of favor with M$M, depending on how lazy their own reporters are that week.

Still, this is all a little strange.  Granted, it's cool when blogs help clarify or promote an urgent news story, but c'mon you lazy M$M bastards! Get yer own news!

And though I liked watching Chris Bowers scoff at that blonde chick on "Connected", I think our blogfathers should stay off crappy TV shows.  It denigrates our cause.

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I saw Inside politics as well today...
and I actually preferred the two cute girls
in the blogosphere over Judy Woodruff with the
two right of center guests shilling against least the blogettes exposed one
of her guest as a front for Republicans. Yeah
I agree the M$M should get off their lazy
butts and do some real investigative journalism
until then.

              BLOGS TO THE PEOPLE
                   FOR THE PEOPLE
                    BY THE PEOPLE

by Aslanspal 2005-02-23 01:35PM | 0 recs
it was very sad
I have to agree that Inside Politics has fallen hard for the right. What a crock that "discussion" on the  bigoted ad against AARP was. Two right wingers who are both pushing the Bush agenda are the only guests? What, they couldn't find any Democrats to talk aobut it?
The MSM wonders why they are losing their audience, but geez, just take a look at the crap they put on the air. The liberal blogs are the only thing standing between our great nation's demise and the coming theocracy.
by SF Bay 2005-02-23 03:10PM | 0 recs
CNN/HNN is lost in the wilderness
Headline News is now Headline Prime in the evening.  They have old MTV reject anchors yakking about movies with annoying flash bulbs blinking behind them.
Sad, indeed.
by Sam Loomis 2005-02-23 03:45PM | 0 recs
At the risk of getting all girly.
I am offended by your title.

I understand why you are using it. It's so much more visceral than "steal" or even "screw".

Rape is a violent crime. Been raped myself. Know both men and women who have also been raped. Disgraceful as CNN's theft is, it really doesn't compare.

Note, I'm not asking you to change it. You're free to express your views as repulsively as you choose to.

Just saw this crossposted over at Kos as well, and that was one time more than I could stand.

by boadicea 2005-02-23 06:53PM | 0 recs


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