Building the Democrat Noise Machine

I was intrigued by a Chris Bowers diary about the need for a progressive noise machine.  And I believe that there is a solid foundation on the internet/radio/television/press for this to be built upon right now.

It's no secret that Bush II has been inspiring for dissenters among our side.  The trick is to try and connect them they way that other GOP media has been Limbaughtomized and Hannitized over the last ten years.

Given the historically unorganized structure of our party, one would think that this would be daunting, but I disagree.  I think our government democratic leaders are disorganized, but we are much more adept at linking together than they.

Compared to ten years ago, it is easier to identify progressive voices in the public media and I feel we have many more outlets than people believe we do.  From the growing Air America, to the internet, 527 groups, to your local newspaper editorial page, we must make our voices know in our local areas to help get our message out.

As we continue to resist GOP browbeating in the media and culture, we must also never let these progressive outlets feel we are taking them for granted.  Case in point:  Howard Stern may not have a broad national appeal, but he has an audience of millions and he pushed very hard for democratic causes this last year, even posting TRUTHOUT articles and other  such info on his website encouraging people to vote.  Last month, he publicly complained that not one single person even called him to thank him for supporting us.  Not even on the sly, off the air.
From Stern, to your local progressive groups, we can't take these people for granted.

So what can we do?  My suggestion is to focus not only on blogs, but on your own local media.  Take a few minutes a day to call local talk radio, write letters to the editor, show up at public meetings when you can, put up signs, protest GOP activities.  ANY little contribution will help.  Just do anything but be silent and still as our leadership has been too often.  And NOW is the time to be strengthening this plan, not waiting until primary season.

And to those who think that just a couple dozen voices can't have an effect, know that only a couple dozen people from a 'Focus on Family' group lobbied for and got a record fine against some pithy Fox reality show.

We are in a great position to build a formidable noise machine, and I am interested in hearing your suggestions about what people can do in their local towns to make this happen.

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Have rich people...
Like Ted Turner, Al Gore, and George Soros buy up TV and radio stations.
by raginillinoian 2005-01-03 06:25AM | 0 recs
It still hasn't stopped ...
surprising me how many people want to spend other people's money.  Mr's Turner, Gore, Soros (hit on often) should be free to do as much or as little as they see fit -- just like you or I.  I am not trying to single you out; I see this type of comment often.  My only point is that the DemocraTIC Noise Machine will achieve overwhelming, clear and persuasive communication saturation when ALL of us do our part.  This weekend my Assembly District is nominating their delegates to the California Democratic State Party and I will be paying my $10 and voting for progress, not for the status quo.  I attempt to engage family members, friends from my church, people I don't even know at the store in friendly and sometimes lively discussions in an attempt to raise the civic and political knowledge that is so lacking in our society -- often I learn quite a bit myself from these exchanges.

This year I phone banked for Kerry, joined several blogs and have written several letters to the editor.  I am not rich, and have my own financial goals with my family.  I do what I can.  I listen to Air America, and attempt to support their sponsers and let them know why.  That is what I can do; I resist the temptation to sit back and tell rich members of the DemocraTIC party how to spend their money.  When they or others create progressive media outlets, I will support their efforts -- but that will be their choice to create , and my choice in how to support.

I do think that we are going to be able to develop the DemocraTIC Noise Machine faster and less expensively than the Repugs did.  However, they are not going to stand still either.  It will take MORE effort for us to overcome them than just bringing us up to where they stand as we start 2005.  The challenge may be that progressives tend to be divergent in ideas, even nuanced, while it is more natural for Repugs to drink the Kool Aid and stick to simple talking points that require little independent thinking.  I apologize for the generalizations inherent in that statement, but I think that creative solutions will come from the divergence that we bring.  For example, it was often said that American ingenuity allowed our economy and middle class to grow, even if Asian countries found ways to mass produce items at lower cost.

by Intellectually Curious 2005-01-03 05:33PM | 0 recs
Um, that's "Democratic" Noise Machine...
Great post, but please don't fall prey to using their terms.  We're the DEMOCRATIC party, because our party embraces democratic ideals.  They've been calling us the DEMOCRAT party for a while now.  It's a subtle snub designed to divorce our name from our ideals in the ears of the public.  It may sound ridiculous to care about such a little suffix, but remember how evil, smart, and thorough they are....  If they do it, they've got a reason.

So anyway, let's call it the Democratic Noise Machine!

by Alna Dem 2005-01-03 06:32AM | 0 recs
The fact that a "democrat noise machine" was suggested shows how very, very badly we need one.
by ignu 2005-01-04 06:07AM | 0 recs
Noise Machine = LIES, How about TRUTH MACHINE?
We do NOT want our side and important issues to us  associated with the GOP's DISINFORMATION MACHINE

Their 'machine' is based on disseminating lies.

The best way to counter lies is to set up an early-warning system for them, and then counter them with truth.

That is NOT a noise machine, it's an ANTI-NOISE MACHINE...

They are vulnerable because their lies are often so shallow and ridiculous that they fall apart on analysis...

How can someone get in touch with Chris Bowers?

by ultraworld 2005-01-04 05:01AM | 0 recs
Re: Noise Machine = LIES, How about TRUTH MACHINE?
We need to match their lies with truth first of all, but since corporate media isn't going to seek it we need to make it unavoidable.

Secondly, we need the same influence on american dialouge they have.

If they're going to get people saying "Democrat Party" we need to have people saying "American Taliban."

If they're going to call our candidate a "Flip-Flopper" we need to get people calling there's a "Great Deceiver".

You don't have to wait for Soros or Gore to save the day.  Sign up for a non-political message board (something else you have an interest in) and without being labeled a troll get political from time to time in the "General Discussion" section.

Call whatever "telethought" type section there is in your local newspaper or tv station and give your opinion.

And support Air America.  If it does well enough, don't you worry, someone will create liberal television.  Even if it is a Republican.

by ignu 2005-01-04 05:44AM | 0 recs


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