We need MORE independent video!

I feel like there is a lot of good things going on these days, alot of grassroots organizing, alot success stories. But how do we get these success stories told? How do we make sure more people know the positive things that are happening.  After all I think cyncism and apathy are our real enemies.

I think independent media orgs are doing a great job, but we need to reach a larger audience, so that people know there is hope, that there is an alternative. I think we need to take advantage of video as a mass media on the internet.

Check out these online independent news videos

And there is also a Free "Video Alert Service".
http://www.coanews.org/lists/index.php?p =subscribe Once a week, email subscribers get the latest news videos for a diverse group of independent media outlets (democracyNow!, G Channel et and FreeSpeech!..) sent to their inbox.

You can sign up for free email video alerts here:
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But again; how can we reach more people with this media?

I think that independent media orgs, need to focus more on video (like Freespeech does), but beyond that we need to find a way to disseminate them to a larger audience.  

Online video is taking off right now, and we need to position ourselves so that independent media is an established and accessible part of the landscape.  Corporate media outlets, and advertising agencies, are drumping boatloads of money to ensure they are established online video distributors, while also trying to narrow the range of video available.

We need to raise funds (more people donating, and becoming members of indy media orgs)for independent media so they can compete.  Perhaps indy media orgs could have citizen coalition groups to take an active role in rallying people to raise funds.  I believe PBS and NPR have groups like this, so why can't we do the same.
-maybe a trust or fund controlled by citzens?

-but we also need a grassroot movment to help disseminate their content, and keep the internet open.  Part of this is simply using any way possible to promote the online video that is produced by indy meida orgs - use your website, blogs, email lists, classes, workers groups etc...

There is no time to waste

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