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    Pi to the 7th decimal would be 3.1415927, or 3.14159265 to the eighth, and so on...  I'm guessing you didn't feel like looking it up when you wrote your subject...

  • Seriously, if you really care about the party, and continuing to fight with someone ended up seriously hurting your party, rather than putting them on your short list, wouldn't that be the time to put them at the top of the list, make it happen, and end the fight?

  • You don't get it, because you are not one of the people he is talking to.  I AM.  I have been discounted by the Clinton campaign as not mattering.  How should I feel about that?  Yeah, it hurts, but I want to try to not be angry.  I've been attacking by many people in my life, Republicans more often than Democrats.  But hey, I forgave the Republicans.  I can forgive Hillary.  I am not ashamed of Obama, I see no hypocrisy.  If you are, you are projecting.  Shall we go into lining up spreadsheets of the attacks from the Obama and Clinton campaigns (and, hey, we have to count the surrogates...  if we just do Hillary to Obama, she would have more, but both of them have been relatively mellow directly...  get the surrogates involved, and we can see the many times more, and worse things, from the Clinton campaign from the Obama campaign)....

    But this doesn't matter, is your goal to further divisiveness?  How about if we paused the primaries after PA, so Hillary could end on a pointless win before the rest of the states that will go Obama, would that help?  Or no matter what, are you going to discount all the states that voted for him based on their local state democratic party rules?

  • Yes, you are correct, that is part of the inspiration for this post.  As things are going, it will only be decided at the convention, by the superdelegates either siding with the most likely pledged delegate winner, Obama, or with Clinton, and overturning the pledged delegates (even if Clinton continues the apparent plan to take over Obama already pledged delegates, I doubt she will get the lead).  However, arranging a joint ticket plan now, before the negative campaigning gets worse than it already is, I think will do a lot to help avoid the extent of the possible party divide we could otherwise be facing.

  • I don't see hypocrisy in that...  Yes, it is a bit divisive...  But not directly...  It is true that his supporters are attacked by comments that we don't matter.  But that is already divisive rhetoric from the Clinton camp, so it's hard to blame it on Obama...  Yes some of the things some of his surrogates have said were really bad, but I've yet to see something he has said that has been nearly as divisive as things the Clinton camp have said, except when he was responding to something they said.  And it sucks, but you have to respond to attacks, and it's hard to respond to attacks without upsetting people more.  But if you don't respond, it lets those who might actually listen to the (almost always) stupid attacks think more clearly.

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    I congratulate you for having a diary on the subject that is hopeful for your candidate.  But she can't win fairly.  But yes, it is close enough that she could win in a manner that could devastate the party.  But no, Obama would not be the VP, but also, from what I've seen, all she ever mentioned was a joint ticket.  If you have seen somewhere where the VP slot was truely offered to Obama, please, link for me, I really would like to know.  That would help me stop thinking about the diary I just posted related to them running on a joint ticket, but with her as VP.

  • Are you someone who might waffle if it was only one or the other?  Because as it goes on there are more of those, and will continue to be.  And if them coming together brings some of those back, that is worth it.

  • Kind of like Clinton's surrogates have done the brunt on the negative campaigning?  Come on!  Which of his surrogates have asked her to drop out? (I bet there are a couple)

    But that's not the question of this diary, if she was given the VP slot, it would not be the same as dropping out.  Dropping out on your own, and hoping to be the VP (or maybe not, I'm not her) is not the same as being given the VP...

  • Actually, it was expected to lose TX, OH, and RI...   but it was projected as by 20% originally...  considering how significantly that changed in OH, and how TX became basically a tie, I don't think Obama was unhappy about the March 4th results at all...  I think his supporters (I am one, but I try to rise above the divisiveness) have been more angry about the increasing animosity from the Clinton side, and then vice versa, and then vice versa, it is a self defeating negative reinforcement cycle that I hope we all find a way to break before it undoes all the amazing increase in Democratic involvement we've had this far!  I don't want it to be too late for us to take advantage of the positives of this Primary season, and avoid the potential internal cancers.

  • Obama's not whining, and the fact is, he's winning the delegate count, which is what matters, and she hasn't blown him out in any of the ~4-5 'significant' states other than New York.  He's got millions of supporters everywhere, that's why he's winning the popular vote by a large margin, and will continue to in all probability, even without counting the caucus states that DO count, see my comment about Pledged Delegates being elected to represent all the people in that area.  If you want to discount Pledged Delegates, you are discounting me, but if that's what you're going to do, I can't stop you.

  • Good argument.  However, we don't want a VP that folks think are the real power, like Cheney/Bush...  But I am confident in Obama's strength in not letting Clinton overpower him.  But she and of course her husband's experience, could really add some great value for him while doing the job.  And no, not like the silly SNL skit.

  • 1) Pointless.  Obama would be history making (first black president) Hillary would be history making (first female president) McCain would be history making (OLDEST rich white male president), no matter what we have a first for some demographic, and we'll have a female president in no time, even if the next is Obama or McCain, I suspect we'll have a woman within the next 1 to 3 presidencies, at least if it doesn't happen in my lifetime, I will have a really bad opinion of my country (or at least those that run the parties, uh, why could the Republicans only come up with old/rich white men as candidates?)...

    2) Yup.  And a GREAT 8 year presidency (come on, can't we have a presidency where people get happier about them again?!), and she might manage to erase a lot of the negatives that a huge amount of the country has in their minds about her (Republicans, Independents, and Democrats have issues with her, a LOT of them).  Maybe the Clintons could reclaim political positivity again...

    3) As an originally maybe Edwards leaning person, but my state voted on super-tuesday, I'd still like to see them both adopted his healthcare plan...  But sure, she'd be great, she was the last person to have any chance of getting any kind of psuedo-universal healthcare passed, I've not read the exact difference between both of their plans, but I worry about the megalith health/insurance/pharma companies messing up what either of them might do...

    4) Hard to say.  I like many things about her.  I don't like the DLC, I don't like pandering to fear, I don't like pandering to the bad parts of the right-wing, I voted Nader in 2000 because of her husband.  I was in a state where it didn't matter, if that helps forgive me.  But I respect her and Bill a lot.  I think they could bring a lot into the equation to help an Obama presidency.  But then, they could possibly hurt it.  I know many MyDDers don't want to hear it, but we have a lot of corrupt Democrats, and well, the Clintons reek of it more than many others sometimes...

  • Hey, a single person with a positive response so far tonight.  I'm not sure how well that reflects on the idea...  But if it did happen, and folks had to accept it, I suspect folks on both sides would get more comfortable with it quickly (rather than the meme of Clinton/Obama, which Obama supporters understandably reject, since he's continued to keep gaining in superdelegates, and increasing in pledged delegates despite the March 4th wins), and not only would people who are just for their candidate get cooler under the collar, but many of us who've had friendships strained would be very relieved.

  • Nope, read my whole post, it mentions that if she rejected it, Obama would have points for trying to create party unity.  If she did not respond, and let the contest drag on, hoping to eek out a win, it would sit in the public conscious that she ignore it.  Let her come out and say she will only run as President, rather than let her supporters decide Obama thinks he's too good to run with her at all.

  • My company just hosted a McCain townhall, I got to watch first hand how he is quietly working on gaining support and funds under the radar while we kill each other.  I am worried.  Not about Hillary, about McCain.


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