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    be stuck in? I am not "bashing each other's candidate," because such a thing no longer exists. I support our nominee, Barack Obama. I also feel Bill Clinton was unfairly characterized as racist during the primary. If that offends you, that is your problem. You are entitled to your belief that Obama was unfairly attacked. It was a long, heated primary - feelings got hurt. However, my contention is that Bill Clinton has every right to defend himself, now, later, or whenever. Barack may do the same. And btw, my "venting" is not for purposes of "therapy." And it is not "self-indulgent," so  please just stop it with that crap. I am simply saying that Bill Clinton has the right to stand up for himself. Period. Now, let's go kick some McCain ass.

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    hold more than one thought in our heads at any given time, and your comment is extremely offensive. The former Hillary supporters on this site. myself included, who have whole-heartedly embraced Obama, still believe that Bill Clinton was unfairly characterized as racist during the primary. That does nothing to dimish our support for Obama. And Bill Clinton has every right to defend himself against what he percieved as unfair characterizations of racism. People lecturing us from beneath their tin-foil hats doesn't help, and it really pisses me off. When we pledged our support for Obama, we meant it. And it wasn't a conditional pledge, so talking to us as if we have broken some kind of post-primary cardinal rule for not throwing Bill under the bus doesn't help. Sheeesh...

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    Mom, zcflint - my thoughts are with you.

    I don't participate around here as ofen when the flame wars get going, so I rarely comment as of late. But your diary touched me, so I had to say hello and agree that we need to remember why we gather here - because we care.

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    produces an ad that is nothing more than a blatant smear, it saves a ton of money letting the traditional media carry it's water. One run of a smear ad in a swing state gets you that many times over in EVERY market when the traditional media is waiting like rabid Pavlovian dogs for your next morsel. Which they then obediently broadcast, over and over and over. Pathetic.

  • nothing will come of it. However, as you state, we should never miss an opportunity to link Rove to McCain as an advisor.

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    thinking along the exact same lines lately. I find myself screaming at the Obama campaign, "Come on people! Where's the counter ads?! Where's the fight!?" Then, when I calm down a bit, I see how McCain looks like a miserable, bitter ( can I say that?), old man flailing about hoping to hit something. It's not pretty and, by contrast, Obama looks contained, Presidential, and above the fray. But a VP who could go on the attack and smack down the angry little man would be a really good thing right about now. I'm thinking Hillary, or Biden. Now that's some attack I could get behind!

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    baby chick at the end, "...and this is your brain on hope." Great ad for MTV.

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    the PUMA movement for awhile now.

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    sunni have been getting along so swimmingly for the past thousand years.

  • never reach it.

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    supporters to consider, at least up until very recently, Hillary a deal breaker as VP, but expressing our strong disapproval of Nunn in those same terms is "belligerent." I'm sorry, but I WANT Obama to know how horrified I would be were he to select Nunn as VP. I WANT him to know that, as he runs on a platform of "judgement," were he to select Nunn as VP I would have to seriously reconsider all his claims about "judgement." I WANT him to know that, as a former HIllary supporter, I can live with him not picking Hillary as VP - I've moved beyond that - but I will not sit idly while there is even "speculation" that Nunn is on ANY list for VP. Just as we've heard for so long now that, "he can win without Hillary, so why pick her," the same is true for Nunn. And yes, I would have to reconsider my support for Obama were he to select Nunn, which would be totally anthema to his promise for a "new kind of politics." I WANT Obama to know all that, and expressing that is not "belligerent."

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    "cross posted at Daily Kos" with "but I come in peace." You will be pleasantly surprised here when you see that the animosity between DKos and MyDD has almost completely subsided. MyDD is on record as being a central front in the war for party unity. Many of us who migrated here before and during the "great writers strike of March '08," have made this our home, and an overwhelming majority of us have embraced Obama wholeheartedly as our nominee. So come here, often and boldly. You will be warmly welcomed. Now, if I could force myself to move beyond just lurking at DKos...

    Nice diary. One of the most despicable aspects of Bush's "war on terror" has been the demonization of all things Muslim. People like Bush and McCain desperately need an "other" to legitimize their warped worldview and, more importantly, to enrich themselves and their corporate allies.

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    has been over for sometime now. There is nothing that would convince the superdelegates to hand this to Hillary, therefore, imho, the PUMA movement should just be ignored. I can remember Alegre counseling us to "not feed the trolls" during the primary flame wars and pie fights. I think the same advice is in order here -  just let them piss and moan to each other - because there's  not a snowball's chance in Hell that anything will come of their misguided efforts. My question then becomes, "If a PUMA roars in the forest and there's no one around to hear it, did it really roar?"

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    bigotry, they are a crumbling...

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    tell you how fed up I am with this "PUMA" crap. When we should be focusing ALL of our energy on defeating John McCain it is tragic that we have to expend even one single photon engaging this "movement." Obama, imperfect though he may be, is our nominee. Period. End of story. Seriously, any Democrat who can't find it within themselves to support our party's nominee needs to seriously start thinking of another party that may be better suited to their needs. This needs to end. Enough is enough.


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