Q1 Fundraising

Kos provides these numbers:
Hillary Clinton: $36 million, 50,000 donors, includes $10M transfer from Senate campaign
Mitt Romney: $23 million
Rudy Giuliani: $15 million
John Edwards: $14 million
Chris Dodd: $9 million, includes $5M transfer from Senate campaign
Bill Richardson: $6 million
Joe Biden: $4 million, including $1M transfer from Senate campaign

Nearly $3M of Romney's money was a loan to himself.  And McCain checks in at $12.5M.  So actual Q1 fundraising looks like this, so far:

Hillary Clinton: $26M
Barack Obama: $24M??  (no report yet, just rumors)
Mitt Romney: $20M
Rudy Giuliani: $15M
John Edwards: $14M
John McCain: $12.5M
Bill Richardson: $6M
Chris Dodd: $4M
Joe Biden: $3M
Commentary below the fold.

1) The Dems are outraising the GOP by a pretty fair margin.

2) If there's a reason for Obama's late reporting, it's that he wants people to notice his numbers.  If he wanted them to get less press, he'd have released them at the same time as everyone else was.  So expect a pretty good Obama number.

3) Hillary's leading the money race, but the gap between Hillary and the others isn't that huge.  She's the leader, but there's no inevitability here.

4) Romney may be at 3% in the polls now, but just five or six weeks ago, he was still a candidate to be reckoned with, which was why we were busily shooting him down.  It would be interesting to know when in the quarter Romney raised all that boodle.  I'm assuming we won't get to know that soon, but as a proxy, we'll see what happens to his numbers in Q2.  Betcha they tank.

5) McCain's clearly not the GOP Establishment choice anymore.  Looks like they've flitted from McCain (who was The Man for most of 2006) to Romney (until his poll numbers tanked) to Rudy.  If Rudy gets more bad press, and Fred Thompson runs, they may keep moving on.

5a) The notion of a clear favorite of the GOP establishment is so ingrained in my psyche, it's hard for me to get past the absence of one.  Eight months ago, George Allen was their fallback if McCain sagged, but macaca happened.  What a pity, huh?

6) We could really use a primary or two this spring and summer, as a reality check for guys like Biden and Dodd.

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Re: Q1 Fundraising

In all honesty I'd like to see Q2 numbers before I could make much sense of Q1. Some candidates may have gone for all the easy money straight away and then find it very difficult to raise similar amounts. While others may have got started fairly late into the Q and therefore be able to raise more in Q2.

Anyone who does well in Q1 and Q2 should be in a strong financial position unless they are spending money at a ridiculous rate.

Most of the press at the moment is saying that HRC's numbers are low (I tend to agree). So Obama isn't doing too badly without having announced his numbers.

by kundalini 2007-04-02 01:19PM | 0 recs
Re: Q1 Fundraising

I agree that two quarters will be vastly more informative than just one.

Another thing (without having to wait 3 months) will be how the primary-v.-general election Q1 fundraising breaks out.  We'll know that by April 15.  If nearly half of Hillary's fundraising is for the general election, then that $26M will really be considerably smaller.  And will demonstrate that she's mostly hitting up the (diminishing) big donor pool.

by RT 2007-04-02 01:55PM | 0 recs


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