Expanding the Playing Field: The New CW

Here's what Chris Cillizza of the WaPo had to say yesterday about that ridiculous idea of expanding the playing field in Congressional elections.  Guess 2006 reversed the CW on that topic!  (More at the link.)

Democrats believe they have convinced the outgoing mayor of Kansas City, Mo., Kay Barnes, to challenge [Rep. Sam] Graves [R-MO] in 2008, in one of a handful of early recruiting successes that, national party strategists argue, will allow them to greatly expand the playing field of competitive races that November.

That strategy paid major dividends for Democrats in 2006 as they upset previously safe incumbents in Kansas, California and Arizona, and came mighty close in the GOP strongholds of Idaho and Wyoming. Democrats hope to repeat that game plan in 2008, aided by the continued dismal national political environment for Republicans.

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