• I am so tired of this fuss about FL and MI.  Re-vote and get it over with.  

    It is not going to change the outcome of the primaries anyway.  If anything Obama will gain delegates compared to the calculations most are making.  Obama may actually win MI and get closer than recent estimates in FL that people were using in their forecasts.

    This issue is the main obstruction in resolving the Democratic nominee.  It is both an excuse for Clinton to continue and a story to drag on and on about process.  This is beyond long in the tooth and needs to be settled once and for all.

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    So why not have Democratic primaries only in these "big states"?

    Forget every state except California, New York, Ohio, and Florida.

    If we want to make it real simple just have the primary in Ohio choose the nominee.  We can save a lot of time and money that way.

    This can save us the hassle of having some outsider coming in and winning a streak of states that don't mean anything look like he is actually winning.  We don't need to be inconvenienced like that.

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    People are lazy either way and possibly more so if they have to work and vote.  Besides if people are that lazy they probably never intend to vote anyway.

    This would at least give a chance to those who want to vote.

    I hear people from abroad tell me how this is very successful.  That is how it occurred to me.

    I wonder how many democratic countries in the world actually work on election day...

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    This way everyone can vote and not be caused to miss the chance to cast a vote because of work.  The day should be celebrated and voting should be encouraged all day on the streets exclusively.  This day should be set aside for the importance of voting.  All businesses closed like Christmas and New Years Day.  It is that important.  This will leave no excuses for people not to turn out.
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    "Abramoff, 46, was arrested in Los Angeles in the late afternoon and was expected to be taken before a U.S. magistrate there on Friday. He was indicted along with Adam Kidan, the former owner of the Dial-a-Mattress franchise in Washington. Kidan, 41, of New York City, will surrender to the FBI here by Friday morning, his attorney, Martin I. Jaffe, said in a written statement."



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