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    McCain signs are all over South GA already and the bumperstickers are now popping up on the SUV's and Lexus's. I only see Obama/Clinton stickers in Atlanta and Athens. This has been true in every election since I moved here in 1998 and we have seen how those races have gone. Obama will get a big win in ATL but still lose the state, same as Kerry.

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    Hillary for Veep
    Edwards for AG
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    Looks like this may move ahead of VA as the sure thing lol Well two or three sure things would be nice. I don't think New Hampshire will be that close either

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    I don't understand why it just can't be an Obama-Clinton ticket? Why not keep the energy and passion going straight into November???

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    This is wonderful news and something all Democrats should be supporting. Yes some of us love Obama and some Clinton but at the end of the day it really is the ISSUES that matter

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    Elizabeth doesn't have time for hope,meaningless gestures and feel good emptiness. She like the people of WV yesterday need HELP and SOLUTIONS

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    Nope Elizabeth ain't there

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    LOL I wonder if Daily Kos will die that Edwards said Hillary isn't Satan

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    Mo' is great but white people in battleground states still aren't going to vote for him. I think Obama might even win the popular vote with increased turnout and a huge black turnout in the South which will not swing a single Southern state. McCain will win the Electoral college though, the outcry will be huge but as Obama says the rules are the rules and after winning every Southern state including FL, along with wins in OH, PA, and maybe even Michigan John McCain will be the next President. America is screwed but hey all of those Democratic superdelegates rode to victory on the increased AA turnout. Nancy and Harry will be entrenched in their power but the war rages on and the economy tanks

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    She's entitled to her opinion. Obama over Clinton is a terrible mistake that will have consequences in November and the next four years. Just speaking as someone from Ohio who knows Hell will freeze over before Obama wins PA, MI, OH, WV, FL etc over McCain. I think Obama could have beaten Huckabee or Romney but not McCain. The General election is not a caucus

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    Maybe Hillary should run as an Independent and say screw all of the Obamabots. I bet you don't want to see her do that! Personally I would laugh as the heads explode all over the blogosphere. Hillary won't do that though she has to much class

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    Elizabeth said they might endorse different people. It will be telling if she is NOT there. The smarter Edwards is backing Hillary

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    I'll bet you this, Obama will pick Clinton as his running mate in a sister souljah moment to Daily Kos

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    I live in Georgia and if Obama thinks he is going to win this state, the state of Sonny! Zell! and Saxby! he is dreaming. GA will be McCain country come November even if every African American in the state registers to vote and shows up. Hillary wouldn't have a prayer here either. Atlanta is the only bastion of sanity in this state

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    Her margin is going to go up to 67-68 hey algre did you see this?

    NE: President - Democrat  
      Hillary Clinton (D) 39,415 50%

     Barack Obama (D) 39,259 50%

    Thats NE's primary results from tonight more proof caucuses do NOT represent the people's will


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