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    Not a single woman in the diaries list, amazing! Unlike some Clinton supporters I would be more angry if its not a woman rather than just if its not Hillary. Of course Hillary is my pick for VP but if not her I would be fine with Sebelius who seems to be the strongest other woman in the running. It is TIME for women (who are a majority of this country) to break the highest glass ceilings. Women have been very loyal to the Democratic party, would Gore or Kerry have been close without female voters? Would there have ever been a first Clinton presidency without female voters? I don't think so. It's time

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    In your scenario without Obama in the race Hillary Clinton would be getting 80-90% of the black vote, Latinos, and while white blue collar men would go to Edwards, Hillary would be getting the women's vote as well. Edwards would never have made this a close race, Hillary really was "inevitable" without Obama

  • What else was Al Gore supposed to do? He lost in front of the Supreme Court he did everything he could. I think Gore was a fighter, Kerry though he just walked off the field

  • Uncommitted means just that- Uncommitted they aren't pledged to anyone and can vote for Hillary if they want

  • We never let the person with the most votes actually be President this is America!

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    No wonder Jimmy is so excited! God help us if he turns into Jimmy Carter, who will play Reagan in 2012?

  • The Clintons won twice and guess what? Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, etc all hate them for it, the jealousy is just oozing out of them. Its never been about Hillary with them, its all about sticking it to Bill

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    If Obama loses he won't be back and neither will Hillary. The Democratic Party is not kind to its "losers".

    I think in this scenario Mark Warner would be a strong frontrunner for 2012, Evan Bayh would most definatley run as well

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    Those chickens will come home to roost for David Axelrod and the media in November.

    I have never seen so many pissed off older women.

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    John McCain is absolutley doing backflips too! I would say at least 30% of Clinton Supporters are going to vote McCain after the treatment Hillary has recieved from the press.

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    As if none of Obama's supporters are racist. We can all quote all day about things we've heard like this gem from an African American girl in my town wearing her Obama pin proudly

    "When is that white b---- gonna drop out? It's OUR time!"

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    This diary makes it seem like Hillary is just this little woman who is being controlled by her husband and a bunch of evil people. Sorry Hillary IS a very intelligent capable person and she IS deciding to stay in and she will decide when to get out

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    RFK Jr ISN'T offended so how the hell can anyone who is no relation to RFK and never met him be SO outraged lol Its hilarious! God forbid leaders make historical references, we like our leaders dumb and naive like Dubya!

  • Everyone is getting drunk or traveling no one is paying attention anyway. America is tuned out until Tuesday

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    Paterson? Big surprise...

    Anyway he won't be in office past 2011 he will see how that goes over in New York. Expect a Clinton backed Andrew Cuomo to take him down


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