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    I have no doubt that a President Obama will mean the end of Holy Joe's relevance. One reason I love the idea of Hillary as Senate Majority Leader is I doubt she would be as kind to Holy Joe as Reid has been. Also he did stab Bill in the back during impeachment, Hillary would own him

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    If McCain picks Cheney he will go down as the DUMBEST nominee in the history of US Politics

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    Beware of overconfidence! Something I am seeing a lot of on Democratic sites. Dukaksis was 17! points ahead of Bush Sr in July 1988. Do not get cocky until the day after the election.

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    Lost me at "Hillary isn't a feminist" Hillary Clinton will one day be remembered as one of the most influential women in this nations history, she paved the way for the first woman president, was the first First Lady to seek elective office, went to China as First Lady and essentially blasted them because of women's rights, has been a stauch supporter of a woman's right to choose etc I could go on and on all day! What she does with her husband is HER business but on public issues she IS a trailblazing feminist and god bless her!

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    I want him out of his committee chairmanship in November and not a second after. Its time for Al Gore to get involved and publically scold Lieberman and defend Obama. The only reason anyone really cares what Holy Joe says is because Gore made him a national figure in 2000. Where are you Al?

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    I think it will be Clark as well.

    - NATO commander/General

    • Clinton supporter
    • opposed the war
    • Seems pretty progressive
    • Has run for President himself

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    Beating Saxby will require a good candidate and Vernon Jones isn't it

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    Republicans don't like Hillary? And thats a bad thing because???? SCREW THEM!!! Revenge for having Dick Cheney for 8 years! Clinton for Veep!

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    Votes don't matter, we saw that in 2000

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    Obama needs to retire Kos

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    As has been pointed out elsewhere no matter what happens from now until the end of time Bill Clinton will ALWAYS be the 42nd President and the only two term Democrat in over 40 years. Its not helpful to the party to keep this BS up.

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    The media says you will not hear the word "endorse" tomorrow but "support" Hillary is suspending her campaign so she can raise money to pay off her debt and keep her delegates. I maintain both names should be placed into nomination at the convention to make history once again, a major party voting on the nomination of an African American AND a woman at a national convention for President. Women would like that and it would make Obama look even more gracious

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    Edwards would compliment Obama in a way similar to Clinton-Gore in 1992 both young, both have different strengths

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    So any pictures? I think its great Obama did this but why publically? Just what Democrats need our nominee who is already struggling with Jewish voters towering over him in a threatening manner.

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    Hillary has more votes she should at least get to be VP. Isn't this America? I think thats the point Hillary was making, she has 18 million votes even more than Obama- give her some space and CHILL


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