The Slicing and Dicing of America Again

First there was the Christian Coalition separating Real Christians from the Others.
Then there was Bush making us Red or Blue.
Now Obama using the race card again and again separating blacks and white.

The Obama Campaign's Strategic Blunder - They Made it Personal

by Angie Pratt

When the Obama campaign made its claim of racism against Hillary after theNew Hampshire primary they made a booboo.  A big one.  Prior to that Clinton's supporters were open to entertaining a vote for Obama.  Maybe he'd be OK.

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The Race and Gender Card is Bull!

Yes, there are ethnic differences, but throughout all of history there have/were slaves to the RICH and Corporations. Go back to the Roman days, The early Religious wars etc.

Most immigrants to America were used and abused by those, mostly RICH people who immigrated here first and those who had the most money and power. The Irish, Italians, Jews, Polish, Asians, Franco-Americans from Canada etc., etc.

That many/most RICH people are white only matters in America. One can go to the middle east and see how the Rich and Powerful in each of those countries treat the poor members of their own ethnicity like slaves and peons. Look at what's going on in many African nations. The RICH blacks controling and killing the poor.
Walk into any large corporations and compare those at the top to those on the bottom and you'll see the same slave-dynamic at work.

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David Axlerod Knows Hillary is more Experienced

Sometimes I wonder how political campaign staff people sleep at night knowing the difference between what is truth and what is just a political game.

Obama's Narrator

This, Axelrod says, is what Karl Rove understood about George W. Bush. "One of the reasons Bush has succeeded in two elections," Axelrod says, "is that in his own rough-hewn way he has conveyed a sense of this is who I am, warts and all." For Obama, because of Senator Hillary Clinton's far-greater experience and establishment backing, this is a particularly essential project. "If we run a conventional campaign and look like a conventional candidacy, we lose," Axelrod says.

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Don't Guilt-Trip Me Obama

We cannot afford to be guilt-tripped into voting for Obama this time around. There are just too many tough problems to fix waiting for the next POTUS. This is not the time to bargain for power.

The Obama BargainBy SHELBY STEELE
March 18, 2008; Page A23

Geraldine Ferraro may have had sinister motives when she said that Barack Obama would not be "in his position" as a frontrunner but for his race. Possibly she was acting as Hillary Clinton's surrogate. Or maybe she was simply befuddled by this new reality -- in which blackness could constitute a political advantage.

Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama, June 4, 2007.
But whatever her motives, she was right: "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position." Barack Obama is, of course, a very talented politician with a first-rate political organization at his back. But it does not detract from his merit to say that his race is also a large part of his prominence. And it is undeniable that something extremely powerful in the body politic, a force quite apart from the man himself, has pulled Obama forward. This force is about race and nothing else.

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It's been a Chilly Winter for Politics

I remember when I first heard Obama speak. It sent good chills up my spine, kind of like when you hear someone who can really sing.  I listened a few times and then realized he wasn't saying much. The thrill was gone.

I remember listening to Hillary speak. I was inspired by her health care and economic issues and her intelligence shined though. I got goose bumps thinking that this woman could be the next President of the United States.

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