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    Let it go.  

    Maybe its just too hard for her to say any more right now.

    Maybe she just wants another day or two to get her bearings.

    She's fought hard and long.  I didn't agree with most of what she did, but its over now and we need to be gracious in victory.  

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    Boo Hiss, Blue Neponset.  Its that kind of thinking that people like Karl Rove love to hear from a Democrat.

    Loyalty to your candidate is a very good thing.  There is going to be one group that loses, however, and I sincerely hope that the winners will be humble enough, and the losers strong enough, to join forces against the Republicans.  

    That's all that really matters in the end.

  • I haven't read this site in quite some time - not for any particular reason - and I'm undecided so far on which candidate I support.  Both have positives and negatives that make it hard for me to make up my mind.  Reading these comments, though, makes me sad.

    Thank you, Xris, for trying to turn the attention to where it truly should be - against the corporatists and those who support them - and away from the bickering and sniping between the Clinton supporters and the Obama supporters.  Can't we have a reasonable and reasoned debate about these two candidates?

    Montague, I understand that you believe Hillary to be an awesome candidate, for very valid reasons, and not Obama.  I hope you're working very hard to get your favorite candidate elected.

    However, there are those who feel Obama is an awesome candidate, also for very valid reasons, and not Hillary.  And I expect that they are working very hard to get their favorite candidate elected.  

    But sniping at each other, calling each other names, becoming angry with each other, and closing our minds to what the other side has to say is only playing into the opposition's (Republican's) hands.  Actually, it sounds a lot like something Karl Rove would engineer in order to break the Democratic party.  

    I don't expect (nor would I want) any Kumbaya moments.  but I sure wish we could stop and listen to each other.  I sure wish we could be FOR someone without trying to MAIM or KILL the other side.  What's the point of that?

    One of these two candidates is going to win.  Each side hopes it will be their candidate, but one side is going to be disappointed.  If we burn our bridges to each other now, there'll be no way we can rejoin forces later, and a house divided.....etc.  

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    "I would say that regardless, the federal takeover of New Orleans is just beginning to play out..."

    Bush suspended Posse Comitatus on Saturday morning in the "affected areas".  Sounds like the federal takeover of New Orleans is moving right along.

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    How interesting that they refer to themselves as Red.  I thought only commies like us were Red.  Didn't they used to say "better dead than red"?  My oh my, how times do change.
  • Why is it that when the left has questions, its termed a "conspiracy theory", but when the right has questions, they're legit?

    Problems have been found.  Last I heard, NC might have to redo the election because of machines that didn't work right.  Some machines counted backwards after reaching a certain number of votes.  Some machines stopped counting votes after a certain number of votes had been cast.  In Ohio, people waited in line for HOURS to vote because of an inadequate number of machines in their polling place.  This violates HAVA rules.  And there are other reports, not yet confirmed, of problems.  

    These problems aren't "conspiracy theories".  They're actual things that have happened, that need to be addressed to ensure free and fair voting in the future.  Would these problems have been found if no one had asked questions?  Don't we already know how easy e-voting machines are to hacking?  These aren't conspracies, Chris.  They're legitimate concerns that need to be acknowledged.


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