• comment on a post Daily Kos Will be back shortly over 10 years ago
    I had my doubts about another Massachusetts "Liberal" (Liberal IS NOT a bad word) ala Dukakis losing this election.

    Then I read and heard more about John Kerry and found him to be a Fighter.

    Now, his campaign has shown that it has weak knees and we have seven months to Go!

    Mr. Kerry needs to personally apologize to Kos and restore the Link (add the disclaimer, as suggested above).

    Otherwise, John Kery has already Lost the Election.

  • comment on a post Welcome to MyDD over 10 years ago
    I've kept mydd on top of my polity favorites, even after changing computers, always checking to see if you had updated.

    Back in December when you showed movement, I knew..

    I followed your congressional spreadsheet for the 2002 horse race. (Never bet on the Grey; everbody & their brother are racin' em now).

    Thank you.



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