Breaking - Tim Russert Dead

Apparantly this is all over MSNBC...sad news.  Thoughts go out to his family.

Ill update when I have links.

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Running Tab for Hidden Comments - updated x 3

OK - so I was perusing the hidden comments as I normally do during the day.  It really is the best place to get that Oh So Fresh slice of crazy that I crave each day.  Today I noticed that 2 people apparently are having a contest to see who can get the most comments hidden in a single day.  I thought this would be a nice thing to keep score of (for them of course).

(as of 3:14 PM EST)

1st - Rankels/Switching Sides2 - 18

2nd - Clintonite4mccain - 4

3rd - Catfish2 - 3

4th - NewHampster - 2

I'll keep an updated score throughout the day - winner gets a free vasectomy.

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HIllary Conceding Tonight - with links

According to an AP report being published today, Hillary will be conceding tonight in NYC. lection.democrats/index.html

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Hillary Clinton will acknowledge Tuesday night that her rival, Sen. Barack Obama, will have enough delegates to capture the Democratic presidential nomination, officials tell The Associated Press.

Sen. Hillary Clinton trails Obama by 159 delegates and is 201 delegates shy of capturing the nomination.

1 of 2 Clinton's acknowledgment will come after a Democratic primary season, which lasted five months and 61 contests, finally draws to a close as Montana and South Dakota hold primaries Tuesday.

Only 31 pledged delegates are at stake in those two contests.

Obama is just 42 delegates shy of the 2,118 now needed to clinch the nomination. There are not enough pledged delegates at stake in Montana and South Dakota to put Obama over the top, but a rush of endorsements by the remaining undeclared "superdelegates" could allow him to claim victory when he takes the stage in Minnesota Tuesday evening.

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Did he really say that?

So Mr. Bush doesn't feel like he was misled, he was misinformed and wrong conclusions were made.  He gave up golf since soldiers are dying.  I know, I know, there comes a point where we shouldn't be surprised by anything they do, but then they come out, sound so utterly clueless and out of touch with this thing called reality that it really makes you do a double take.

I mean, I think that all of this Democratic infighting can be directly linked to this airhead.  Everyone feels enraged by the utter carelessness of this administration that for many of us, it really is one of the defining moments of our cultural lives.  Thus, we fight for it tooth and nail.  As I have said before, we need to keep our eye on the prize.  This guy is a piece of work.

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Hillary Clinton Says The Magic Number Is 2025

So I don't often write diaries but I have seen so many people continuously say that the "new" magic number for delegates is 2209.  That is completely wrong.  The number is 2025.  That is the number that the DNC has set, that is the number that all of the candidates are working under.  And when I say all the Candidates, I mean ALL THE CANDIDATES.

Here is Hillary saying that 2,025 is the magic number.  I understand that Hillary loves to change the rules to suit her needs, but come on folks, this comes straight from the horse's mouth. 28

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