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    This diary is a piece of shit, like 99% of what comes out of your mouth.

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    Your beef with him is that he isn't Hillary Clinton.

  • That's all well and good, but if your kid pours wine on the carpet or puts peanut butter in the dvd player, you don't hold onto that and use it later.  You punish them immediately so that they learn that their actions have clear, direct, and immediate consequences.  Their actions have shown, once again, that they feel they don't have to answer to people -- especially during this election cycle.  They obviously feel that since everyone is pissed at Bush, people won't care what they do.  Uh-uh Steny.  I care what you do - My wallet cares what you do.  That's $4,600 you guys won't be getting.  That's 2,300 Obama yard signs, that .01% of an ad buy, that's 9,200 campaign buttons that they will have to pay for with someone else's money.

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    Yeah, he's not getting any more donations from me.

  • I understand that.  This is how I will show my displeasure at both the DNC leadership (and lack thereof) and Obama's inability to pull his party into line.  All actions have consequences and while mine are extremely small in the grand scheme of things, short of not voting or voting for McCain, this is the best that I can do.

    Just to put it in perspective, I was so angry this morning listening to the presser Bush did explaining (errr lying) about how this is such a good piece of legislation, that I was actually screaming at the top of my lungs as I was driving down the road.  Screaming, loud, guttural, angry screams that the Democrats had once again given in to the false sense of fear that permeates this administration.  I was so angry that I went to the Montgomery County Board of Elections and filed to change my party affiliation to Independent.  I have since calmed considerably, but for me, this was a make or break moment and it once again showed what a weak, feckless party we have (or at least the leadership is).

    It also made me think that the Democratic Party Leadership is like a battered spouse.  We continue to take it on the chin from the GOP, trying to rise above it and "be better than that".  Problem is, they are legislating from the minority and continuing to fuck the country with impunity.  This country, and the Democratic Party in particular, hasn't hit "rock bottom".  We will continue to lose these battles until we grow a backbone and fight back.  And until that day happens, the DNC can kiss my no-sending-money ass.  

  • I originally posted that I was witholding my GE campaign contribution to Obama because of this debacle and his lack of firm leadership of the DNC powerbrokers.  However, should he actually do something to make this right: i.e. have telco immunity stripped from the bill, all will be right in my little corner of the world.

  • http://www.cqpolitics.com/wmspage.cfm?do cID=cqmidday-000002899718

    A potential revolt by a group of Democrats pressed party leaders into compromising on a rewrite of electronic surveillance rules that could come to a House vote by week's end, a top Democrat said Wednesday. Asked why Democrats don't put aside the surveillance legislation until a new president is elected in November, Hoyer said he would prefer to do so, but can't because so many House Democrats are prepared to vote for the Senate bill that he and other top House Democrats oppose.

    "Clearly enough Democrats have indicated in the House they would vote for the Senate bill if it came to the floor. The alternatives are either the Senate bill or a bill significantly better" reached through negotiations with the Senate and the White House, he said.

    "Many Democrats have indicated to me they are willing to wait as long as an alternative is in sight. If not, they are prepared to vote for the Senate bill," Hoyer said.

    steny.hoyer = chicken.shit

  • When he tells the press that he basically wants to kill the bill but too many other Democrats want to pass it, that's being a chickenshit about to fail.  If he said "Listen, this is the best we think we can do on this bill, it is what it is".  I would say fine, screw you, you're a terrible leader but at least I respect you for telling the truth about an ugly situation.  Blaming it on the Democratic caucus is a cowardly move...."It's not me, honestly, it's all of them..." pfffft.

  • The Democrats capitulation on this issue has cost them the $2,300 I would have sent to Obama and the $2,300 I would have sent the DNC for down ticket races.  I am utterly disgusted to consider myself a Democrat today.

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  • yeah that Cavuto clip was priceless - he asked how many people they had on a conference call this weekend (how many of the 18 million that voted for Hillary was what he was referencing) - drum roll........50. Fifty.  Five Zero.  Massive movement that PUMA.

  • What did you expect?  This is a Jerome Armstrong original - he is a poor man's Allegre - all the innuendo and sniping without the clever "Hey gang" references.

  • I wrote a long rebuttal to this comment but in the end I realized that you didn't the time spent doing that.  Tim Russert was revered as one of the best and brightest people covering the political spectrum by someo of the best and brightest people in the political spectrum.  Because you saw him for a couple hours a week, that alone allows you to come to the learned conclusion that he abdicated his duties by not asking the tough questions?  Whatever - he asked tough questions, he didn't have to be adversarial doing it.  There is a difference between probing and baiting.

  • Umm more than that, she is the CEO who got fired for ILLEGALLY WIRETAPPING her entire board of directors trying to find out who leaked information from a meeting.  She literally hired  a guy to wiretap their phones and hack their emails.  This is the kind of person you want running around as a proxy/surrogate telling people how John McCain won't be a third term for the Bush Administation's policies - LIKE ILLEGAL WIRETAPPING.

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