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    But, I thought the booing and na-na-na-na was stupid and childish. I try to teach my kids to be good sports BOTH when they win and when they lose. Bush has been a complete and utter disaster for this country and I hope he is held accountable for something.

    But, there is a time and a place.

  • Has the nation as a whole learned nothing about North Carolina from this last election. Let me give it to you pictorially. This is how Kay Hagan beat Elizabeth Dole:
    Kay Hagan for Senate
    But, THIS, is how our most popular Democrat and hopefully our candidate against Dick burr won law week:
    Attorney General Roy Cooper
    Roy Cooper is our most popular Democrat in North Carolina, possibly the most popular in decades. He is viewed as a 'Law and Order" Democrat, tough on crime. He's young, he's photogenic, he's popular.

    I don't know if he is particularly progressive, but neither was/is Kay Hagan and yet everyone is pretty happy that she got elected and sent Liddy Dole home. So, the question you have to ask yourself is this, are you willing to send another Bob Casey, Jr. Democrat to the Senate if it means sending a Republican home?

    Either way, NC went for Obama, we went from 7R-6D Congressional delegation in 2004 to 8D-5R in 2008, we sent Liddy Dole back to Kansas, and we elected our first female Governor.

    Hello, anyone?

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    The media in North Carolina refuses to comment on  Dole's absence.

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    I gave up blogging for a couple weeks, trying to get past the whole post-Edwards blues. I did not miss this crap at all.  Good post.

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    Obama will clean up in Alaska.

    Clinton: CA, NY, NJ, MO, AZ, CT, AR, OK, NM, DE, UT

    Obama: IL, GA, MN, CO, KS, ID, ND, AK, TN, MA, AL

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    And, in the end, they don't deserve to be seated. As an Edwards supporter, I really think he and David Bonior would have pulled out Michigan (at least a strong second). He would have been campaigning there all the time, it would have made it a much different race.

    You can't seat them now if it is close. If it is a blowout at some point, where the nomination is a lock, then you can let them be seated.

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    I am surprised how close the delegate count is for second and third. You are right, at this rate Edwards will be important for whomever wants the nomination. If he wins somewhere on Feb. 5th, Oklahoma and/or Tennessee, and a couple second-places, then he will be in a good position to continue the fight through the nomination.

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    I think that Obama takes an 8 point loss, based on the 43 point SurveyUSA poll. So he ends up at 35. Clinton gets very little of that and ends up at 31. Edwards picks up the other 7 points and ends up at 31 as well. That leaves a small number of undecideds, which split between Obama and Edwards.

    Obama - 37
    Edwards - 32
    Clinton - 31

    However, I'd be happy with the final two positions being switched and Edwards being "nearly tied" with Clinton.

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    That is the price you pay, loss of support, for attacking a progressive candidate in favor of one who is reaching out to Republicans.

    Reaching out both, in print, and on the radio.

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    is the least of what this video shows. Look at how every mainstream media outlet ignores Edwards. Yet, on the Republican side they carry news about every possible candidate.


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    Good point. Timing is everything, his 3-day road trip will coincide with these poll results.  How much do you want to bet that Survey USA or some other media hack-shop will come out with an anti-Edwards poll by tonight.

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    I think that either of these:



    would mean the media would have to start talking about Edwards again. They wouldn't have a choice.

  • You know what, when this is over (primary), I'm going to look into doing the same sort of thing for a local election. The Presidential election was special, but if I can make a 1% difference in a local election....

  • I'm going to post about it at bluenc.com, even though I think $7 Million is too much to ask for...

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    I do.


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