Faux Forum massaging McCain last night

Last night - everyone was attacked except McCain (and Rudy). When Romney was on, you had writing underneath: "McCain is a Christian..."
or "Romney was born in Detroit..." Amazing manipulation - almost like the Simpsons episode on the debates..Poor Huckabee - I have never seen a GOP-er so savagely attacked on Faux!
But Chris Wallace was all hearts and smiles for McCain!
At one point, Chris Wallace was asking each candidate the "your worst" quesiton - just "girlfriend" and recommending Kerik" for Rudy, pardons for Huckabee, I think negative ads for Romney. The appropriate subtitles lingered on the screen.
For McCain : "You would be the oldest candidate - and said you'd only run for one term. Would you pledge that?"
Yup. Can't see anything worse about McCain than being old.:shrug:

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Re: Faux Forum massaging McCain last night

The FOX banner also pointed out that Giuliani was on his third wife, and Thompson his second, without pointing out that McCain had been married twice.

McCain divorced his first wife, the woman who had stayed with him for the five years when he was in Vietnam, and married a much younger, beauty-queen type wife.  

Republicans and their family values...

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