Rep. Conyers Takes On The Insurance Companies

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I just got this from the California Nurses Association, the kick-butt union that has been working with Michael Moore to promote SiCKO, and the idea of universal, single payer health care for America:

If you or people you know haven't yet seen Michael Moore's new movie 'SiCKO,' a compelling documentary about healthcare, mark your calendar to see it this weekend, get involved, and stay involved in helping us get from 'SiCKO' to HR 676 (Conyers), which would guarantee healthcare for everyone in America, for life.

Like banning the slave trade or getting women the vote, we are not going to win the first time out.  But it's time to get things rolling, and HR 676 is the way to do it.

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SICKO: Unmasking The Industry Puppeteers

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LithiumCola did a great diary this morning on Michael Moore's SICKO, and an example of some of the kinds of news articles we're seeing, and likely to keep seeing. If you haven't read it already, you oughtta. I agree with almost all of it. But I do have a little problem with this part:

So now begins the spin, the smear, the blinders from the mainstream media.  All provided in an alleged "news" piece about . . . well, about something.  

My problem? The mainstream media's a problem, but it's the wrong target here.  If you want to know how to change the puppet show we call the mainstream media, you have to go after the puppeteers.

Welcome to the wonderful world of corporate public relations.

Let's go back to the LA Times piece and see what we can learn about messing up the health insurance industry's most excellent puppet show.

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