Draft Mellencamp for Indiana Senate Seat?

I see that a "Draft John Mellencamp" Facebook group has just sprung up - only 3 members so far.  I wonder what you all think about the idea.

"Draft John Mellencamp to run for Evan Bayh's Senate Seat!

"Evan Bayh just announced with less than 4 days left to register as a candidate that he will not be running for re-election thereby apparently trying to hand his seat to the Republicans as a parting slap against the "liberal blogosphere".

"Well we can do better than Senator Bayh or a Republican replacement: John Mellencamp! Please help spread the word to your facebook friends and send an email to Mellencamps email address to beg him to please step up and run. If he sees a huge groundswell he just might do it. He has the name recognition and like Al Franken in Minnesota, he could win in Indiana.

"Please join us - please send your email to ask John to run to feedback@mellencamp.com and hopefully we can flip this seat to a progressive Democratic seat instead of a Republican seat."


























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