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Last week, for community access television advocates, I prepared and posted a Google docs spreadsheet showing known and potential freshmen for the 112th Congress - the idea being that these are the new legislators who will need to be quickly educated on 1) the unique value of access television, 2) the harms being done by industry practices and the wave of recent states' video franchising laws, and 3) the urgent need for passage of Rep. Tammy Baldwin's Community Access Preservation Act (HR 3745).

In alphanumeric order by state and CD, the spreadsheet shows all 535 incumbents (with links to their GovTrack CD maps), along with the Democratic and Republican candidates for those seats.  All open seats (55, right?) are highlighted, as are all seats where any major pollster has judged an incumbent to be facing serious competition (seemingly 92, as of Sep. 19).  Where known, the latest poll results for the incumbents' seats in play is given (source: electoral-vote.com).  Because I developed this for the community media and media reform communities, I've also highlighted those incumbents who are members of the Senate Commerce Committee, the House Telecommunications Subcommittee, and the Future of American Media Caucus.  I've also included contact info for the incumbents and their telecommunications legislative aides, where known.

Readers and contributors of MyDD might appreciate seeing this, both for figuring your own angles in the 112th, and for helping to identify races where you and your associates may feel the need to get involved.  Possibly some of you might want to adapt this spreadsheet to track incumbent/freshmen turn-over on any committees salient to your own interests.

The spreadsheet should be fairly self-explanatory.  However, I should point out that I used a variety of sources for determining incumbents' seats in play - many listed on the Wikipedia pages here and here.  If any one major pollster listed there is describing an incumbent's seat as "leaning," I'm calling that seat "in play."  Thus, my current number is going to be larger than any single pollster's count.

Also, I've used several sources for determining the telecommunications legislative aides' names and email addresses, collecting most of these late last year.  Some of these aides no doubt have since changed, and that information will need to be updated.  If any of you may have more up-to-date information on this, I'd appreciate receiving your updates.

Note: this is merely intended to be a "freshmen watch" tool - it is not intended to be a tool for predicting control of the House or Senate.  For that purpose, and a host of others, I strongly recommend the site http://electoral-vote.com .

I value the collective wisdom expressed on this site.  Your corrections, questions, comments and critiques are most welcome.  Thanks for your consideration.

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Rob McCausland

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