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    if I was too harsh during our last "exchange". I also hope that your worries over Obama will be disproved after he is in office. I know this was difficult, but I also TRULY hope that looking back you'll feel proud of this decision.

    Finally, my hope for Hillary is that she stays in Congress, but is given the lead role in developing an appropriate Universal Healthcare Program.


  • While I don't believe this fully, it would not be at all surprising to me...

    What if the Repubs are setting us up for some "Election Day Surprises"? I can see some "voting irregularities" leading to "surprise" McCain upsets in OH, PA, and IA where those "last ditch campaigning efforts" pay off for them in the end. I dunno - 13% is a lot to sweep aside, but nothing seems below them at this point. They're dangerous and they're losing. What can we expect from cornered animals other than viciously unethical responses?

  • There's nothing more to suggest to you. There is AMPLE evidence that McCain will bring on four more years of the exact policies that have been destroying this country and the majority of its people over the past eight years. If you cannot see that, then you are hopeless.

    Jumping in bed with Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Dick Cheney, and George W. will prove nothing to anyone. They'll gladly accept your "out-of-nowhere" vote, but they will actively and vigorously dismantle and/or prevent forward movement on EVERY SINGLE POSITION that you and Hillary claim to hold. And you will prove nothing to the DNC - sure they should change the rules around, but they were what they were, and Hillary LOST.

    If you are unable to see what is so perfectly and crystal clear, then you truly should leave this site and head over to PUMA or FreeRepublic or RedState. See how your new bed-fellows view the world.

  • "Grow Up" "Get Real" - whatever. Politics is dirty, but throwing in the towel on EVERYTHING you say you've had a lifelong commitment to is just plain not smart. McCain is 100% opposite of everything you seem to want this country to achieve, and actively working against these interests is, at best, an embarrassment.

    Do you think the victims of your stated intentions - minorities, GLBT's, the disabled - will forgive you? Why should they - you're planning to kneecap them and help further destroy their lives. I'm sure they'll throw flowers and honor you for their liberation. Sheesh.

    McCain/Palin will NEVER respect anything about you or what you stand for. They are laughing HYSTERICALLY at pulling people like you into their court. There is no integrity in their campaign, and they will treat you like the scumbag they honestly believe that you are once they are in office.

    If Obama can't "close the deal" with you, with ALL the issues he's campaigning on, then it's not his fault. You are holding onto some Clinton based bitterness that you simply need to drop. It will gain you nothing. I was unhappy when Edwards dropped out (though now I'm TOTALLY relieved that he did!).

    The very, very, bottom line on the Primaries - Clinton ran a TERRIBLE campaign. It's not that she's even remotely a bad person - she would be a great President and I would've GLADLY pulled the lever for her. But the AMAZINGLY poor campaign she ran - her overconfidence and HER "PRIDE" - left her unprepared. If she had eeked out a victory and taken the same campaign into the General Election, she would be losing in a LANDSLIDE!

  • You are truly lost then. Although I've been quiet on this site, I've been here for a while, and I always respected you. Now, I feel something between pity and sorrow for you. Mostly, though, I see you as an embarrassment. Facts won't sway you, fear won't sway you, so what do I care that name calling won't either? Whichever way this election turns out, you will regret your youthful ignorance for a long, long time.

  • As a gay man myself, I'm wondering how many of your friends you're willing to lose to AIDS as a result of your vote. I've lost lots - I'm older than you. I remember when Reagan refused to acknowledge or fund research into HIV and AIDS before it got out of control.

    Abstinence only does not provide the information or protections necessary to slow and prevent new HIV infections in America. Are you truly willing to sacrifice the next generation of gay men to the teachings of Sarah Palin? What do you suppose that will look like? Is that a potent enough connection between the executive branch and the "types of family issues" that you care about?

  • Shrine in her memory set up on the corner of Castro St. and 18th St. in the heart of gay San Francisco. My friend snapped a couple of photos, but I won't be able to get them posted in a timely manner. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman!


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    She's completely and utterly ridiculous. They call Obama "Bambi" to suggest he's not prepared, but even Bambi would kick this ridiculous light weight's ass. It's ridiculous to think that that woman should be anywhere NEAR the highest office in the known universe. Profoundly and dangerously ridiculous.



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    "He's not a maverick, he's a sidekick!"

    But "4 more months" is a far better chant...

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    take out all the "stupid pro-Obama people" and all the "stupid anti-Obama people". There won't be anyone left who gives a shit either way. What fun.

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    I can't agree with you enough. I'd love for the VP to be as Pro-Choice as me. I'd love him/her to be as Anti-FISA as me. I'd love for him/her to to support my fledgling rights to gay marriage. And on and on and on...

    I'm not gonna get perfection. But I'm gonna fight like Hell against the candidate who vehemently disagrees with me on EVERY single issue I hold dear. McSame is unacceptable on every level. I can overlook some blemishes on my way to avoiding his achieving power.

    I'm not any more PURE than anyone else on this board, and the candidates aren't either.

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    I think I'm beginning to understand how it is that all of the purity trolls and concern trolls seem to stick around this place endlessly.

    Olbermann is the only journalist trying to figure this thing out while giving Obama some benefit of the doubt. I don't particularly agree with him, but that certainly doesn't make him a wanker or a flip-flopper. It makes him an ardent supporter trying to make sense of a situation that might be more complicated than it appears on the surface.

    And maybe we should ALL consider giving Obama the benefit of the doubt without using the loaded phrase "flipped his position" until WE know if there's "something else to it."

    If MyDD is not going act in the best interest of getting the Democratic Nominee for President elected into office, then I'm outta here and fast.

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    I don't ever see diaries against Clinton being posted much anymore (if at all). It's just these same cautionary tales coming from former Hillary supporters that instigate the responses that you're tired of hearing. I'm tired of them as well. There isn't anything new to say. The sooner it's COMPLETELY in the past - from both sides - the better.

    Just because the media still rehashes this (although even that meme is about passed) doesn't mean we need to follow them backwards.

  • I've never been to Nebraska, but I'm sure hoping you will be speaking for the state in DC next year!

  • I may send her some bucks yet.

    As far as "playing safe", I think Obama has proved he ISN'T playing safe at all. Florida is as good a call as any.


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