With us or against us? REALLY?

So we all recall when C+ Augustus told the world that "you're with us or agin us" right?

Well that worked out swell!

Seems that O'Reilly or Scaife slipped Sen. Clinton some sort of right-wing shill pill because she used the exact same line.


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I know I know. Barack Obama is unelectable because he has a crazy preacher. We all know that never stops the GOP but that's not the issue. The world isn't fair. The playing field isn't level. Whatever. He'll need to get over it and take one for the team. Blah blah blah.

Problem is, some folks think he's being treated unfairly.

WHO? Two guesses.

Here's a hint. It's the Democratic base. The most loyal group of democrats by far.

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The Popular Vote? Really?

So I've been seeing talk here and out of the Clinton camp about the popular vote and how HRC will be ahead in the pop vote by the end of the primaries.

So what's the argument there exactly? That the pop vote is more important than the delegate count?

Is that really the position the people who are screaming for the jokes that were FL & MI to count want to take?

Are you really saying that caucus states, who don't even report pop vote totals, shouldn't count at all? Even though they followed all of the rules?

Are you really saying that it would be better if, in the future, candidates skipped the small states and set up shop in the huge states?

This does not seem like a well thought out position but perhaps someone can show me that it is.

Any takers?

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how much of that is tied to your race?

It seems to be common wisdom around here the Barack Obama "injected" race into the campaign (because black people have it easy or something).  Now as a black man I find that and most of the clueless comments about race and racism here quite offense. (hint: MLK was far more complex than the "I have a dream speech" - he actually picked on white folks!) So I wanted to go back. Way back. To take a look at how Obama was treated before the elections even started.

Let me digress for a second, this past week we got to see a wonderful debate on the issues hosted by Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos. These are real men of the people. Charles is worried about your capital gains tax and George is just worried about all of those issues you  really care about. In fact, he quickly brought up the #1 issue in  America (the economy) about 50 minutes after the debate started.

He's awesome.

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Clinton: MoveOn intimidates at caucuses - Saturday Puzzle FUN!!!

As noted on the frontpage, Clinton railed on MoveOn shortly after Super Tuesday stating, in part, that "they [MoveOn] flood into these caucuses and dominate them and really intimidate people who actually show up to support me."

According to HuffPo:

Howard Wolfson, communications director for the Clinton campaign, verified the authenticity of the audio, and elaborated on Clinton's charge that these same party activists were engaged in acts of intimidation against her supporters: "There have been well documented instances of intimidation in the Nevada and the Texas caucuses, and it is a fact that while we have won 4 of the 5 largest primaries, where participation is greatest, Senator Obama has done better in caucuses than we have."

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She spoke of ordinary voters as if they were a species apart

More on Screw-Em-Gate (I just had to).

Theda Skocpol was there at the post midterm election meeting with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Alan Wolfe, Ben Barber, Harry Boyte, and others.

She was the "only female intellectual-scholar invited".

While she didn't note exact words, what Barber stated and what Wolfe and Boyte recall, seems consistent with her recollection of the tenor of that meeting.

Take it away Theda!

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Handwriting's on the...OTHER QUESTIONNAIRE

Correcting the record. In an age where people seem to be basically clueless and the press is more interested in playing "gotcha" than talking about the issues it's important to get the "gotcha" out of the way, so it doesn't fester, and so we can move on to some issues.

Accordingly I write this to correct a smear that was spread here and elsewhere so perhaps we can talk about the financial crisis, or the food riots, or the guy who may have found a way to effectively treat cancer, or something else, anything else.

So there was an attempt to paint Sen. Obama a liar based on his answer about a questionnaire on which various answers to various questions, including supporting state legislation banning the manufacture and sale of handguns in Illinois, appear.

An unnamed diarist pointed to a PDF that showed "handwriting" on a questionnaire. Something that Sen. Obama denied. Well sort of. He denied there was any handwriting on the questionnaire that referenced guns.

Who is right?

Well an examination of the PDF file shows that there are two questionnaires that have been condensed into one file.

The first questionnaire has been faxed. It has handwriting on it but no questions about guns.

The second questionnaire was not faxed. It has no handwriting and has typed in yes/no answers about guns. AFAIK, Sen. Obama said he didn't do that one personally.

Now it took me a minute to notice this but I must imagine that the sites and diarists posting this had the same amount of time to review the PDF and the same capacity for analysis as I have. I can only conclude it was a purposeful attempt at spreading misinformation. That's problematic and those who spread it, and are unwilling to correct their error, should be shunned. Though such fabrications are really a symptom of where America is at right now, the symptom needs to be treated along with the underlying condition.  

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Clinton Supporter: Dem trailing on June 3 should drop out.

Another super-delegate, this time an HRC supporter, states that whichever Dem is trailing at the end of the primary season should drop out - at the latest!

Rep. Barney Frank said the trailing Democratic presidential candidate should drop out of the race by no later than June 3 -- the date of the two last Democratic primaries -- even if it is the candidate he supports, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"Probably sooner," the Massachusetts congressman added in an interview Tuesday with The Associated Press. He suggested that the trailing candidate should drop out once it became clear that candidate had no remaining practical chance of winning the nomination.

I find that interesting because by all accounts we're already at that point.

Rep. Frank also agreed with Obama but thought his choice of words was poor.


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21st Century Tuskeegee?

The Tuskeegee Experiments are pretty famous. I'm sure most folks know that the US government took African-American men with syphilis and pretended to treat them but instead simply observed the effects of the disease. Some of these men died and some infected their family members.

You would think the federal government would have learned from this and would've stopped experimenting on some of its most disadvantaged citizens, but apparently not.


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Interesting. Obama Wins (ties) MI, Clinton does not

There has been a lot of emotion invested in the FL & MI primaries and what may or may not happen with the delegates.

Some people, including the Clinton camp, have blamed Obama for MI losing their delegates. Though this is ridiculous on its face sometimes people want to lay the blame somewhere and they might listen to this sort of talk.

A new poll out of MI has some interesting results.

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