Ultra K Network: Kucinich News and Notes w/Poll!

Ultra K (copyright Stormbear ) keeps hitting them out of the park and continues to impress.  Here goes some news and notes about Dennis Kucinich!

Let's start out with one of the more powerful videos of the week from YouTube titled

<Dennis Kucinich Faces Reality.

I had read that this happened.  I'm glad someone got it on tape.  I think it shows just what Dennis and Elizabeth are made of!

Second, Dennis appeard for three hours on Wednesday with Elizabeth on the Ed Schultz show.  You can read about it here.  For those of you who haven't paid much attention to Dennis yet, I suggest taking a good look and finding a stream of the show!

Third, the video from Syria has made a big splash:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5C1ZYN0T 6M

A peace candidate meeting with the president of Syria!  Aaaarrraaauuugh!  You might get that idea from listening to Tucker's interview when Dennis got back:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNfkIgK-i 4k

Finally, Dennis and Elizabeth are campaigning in Hawaii!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cKAb9INy MU

There'll be more news from Hawaii during the weekend, I'm sure.  As for now, as always...

Go Dennis!
Kucinich 2008!
Choose Peace!

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Kucinich News

Some excerpts:

Dennis comes from a family of marine veterans and very much understands that a president has an obligation to look at circumstances with which we send men and women to war. He explained on the show how he will not continue this neoconservative doctrine of first strike, unilateralism, or preemption in any way, shape, or form. Dennis will make sure America has the ability to defend but he won't build Star Wars weapons systems that are funded by a bloated Pentagon budget that takes money away from the American people when that is not necessary to keep us safe. If we adhere to international law, America will no doubt be on the way to being a much safer nation.

Ed Schultz explicitly stated he is sick of the debates and how candidates have to tap dance on stage as they form quick responses in the limited amount of time they are allotted and that is why progressive Democrat Dennis Kucinich, a viable candidate for the American presidency in 2008, has been asked to come on the show. Ed has extended this offer to all presidential candidates. However, Dennis was the first one to agree to come on the show.

Dennis Kucinich did not hesitate to let Americans know what sets him apart from all the other Democratic candidates. Dennis unequivocally stated that on a matter of war, a leader must have clarity and vision. To be quite specific, Dennis brought up the fact that Senator Clinton, Senator Edwards, Senator Dodd, and Senator Biden all gave strong speeches for war, which indisputably led to the massive destruction and massive loss of life in Iraq thus far.

As for Senator Obama, he only made one speech on Iraq before he became a senator and since becoming a senator has been for the war never bothering to call for the defunding of it. Dennis said if Obama gave a speech to the Chicago Ward Club and said he was against war but funded the war, he would get laughed at. Point being, Obama has not been straight on the issue and he has not been for peace.

Nobody but Dennis Kucinich has been anti-war or better yet, pro-peace like he or she claims to be. As one can see, by not leading a defunding of the war, each candidate is undeniably for the war and not against it.

Democratic candidates have made the claim that they were tricked. But as Dennis brought on the show, if they were tricked who or what else could trick them? Americans need a leader who will be right the first time especially in a matter of war.

While on the show, Dennis told the story of how he voted against the PATRIOT Act. He is the only Democrat running who did vote against it. And, he talked about how at 2 am a foot high stack of papers was delivered to his office. He used his Evelyn Wood speed reading skills to get through it and saw that it was a disaster. And knowing that and having read it, he voted against it. Who knows if the other candidates care that the government is prying into your financial lists, health records, and your reading lists? One thing's for sure: Dennis cares.

Later on in the show, Dennis had Elizabeth Kucinich come on so Americans could meet a woman who has the potential to be one of the greatest First Ladies ever. Dennis brought up how she has a very powerful record of service and for example, cited her work in Tanzania and also her work with Mother Teresa. As Dennis ended his detailing of her record of service, he affectionately stated that Elizabeth makes him a better person. Americans found that they have three dogs who they "rescued" from the kennels. And as Dennis' cute sense of humor stated, Elizabeth and him late in the evenings go into the living room with their dogs and have what they call "Three Dog Night Cinema". Along with living a life with dogs, Dennis mentioned what role sports played in his and Elizabeth's life.

Going back to what his inspirations for wanting to be president of the United States of America were, Dennis revealed to us that when he was 15 years old he started to think about aiming for the top. This was when President Kennedy gave his Inaugural Address. Also, he added, remember that song by the Jay & the Americans called "Only in America"? I didn't know of it but he described a key line that goes, "Only in America can a kid without a cent, get a break and maybe grow up to be president." Yes, indeed, much of Dennis' political career of bravery and courage stems from overcoming homelessness in his youth.

Dennis has gone beyond overcoming homelessness and other trials and tribulations to constructing a policy of progressive reform like none of the candidates running for president. And all of these policies have been constructed for the people and not for any special interest, corporation, or foreign policy maker because Dennis Kucinich "cannot be bought or bossed."

Dennis continued to reel in the support of Americans by showing his profound understanding of several key issues facing America.

For one, he expressed explicit concern over how the issue of Iraq has been handled in the past few days and explained how he would better handle war and our nation's security. He stated that by putting a general in front of Congress, the military is put in charge of deciding whether or not to stay n war when constitutionally it is civilian authorities who are supposed to make the decision (and cited Article 1 Section 8 when making this statement). As president, Dennis promised to take responsibility and never pull any charade that involves hiding behind military. He explained how he understands that you only send to troops to war to protect America and not send them off to wars like the one in Iraq when it is clear that war will make America less safe. In fact, going beyond that, Dennis brought up his National Security Doctrine of Strength Through Peace and how his campaign manager Mike Klein, a West Point graduate, has helped him formulate his "strength through peace" policy.

Many people called in to the show asking Dennis how he would handle his electability. To that, Dennis answered confidently as follows.

To put in the same way that Dennis did on the show, people think politics is a rigged game and that they don't matter. But when people stand up for what they believe in, they win. The public needs to finance the candidate they want to win. It's cheaper than letting Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama run the country and then ignore NAFTA, insurance interests getting in the way of health care reform, PATRIOT Act, and our current incorrect foreign policy. (To which Ed chuckled and said he agrees with that.)

Dennis Kucinich can win if you vote for him. If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you are still voting. And as he went through this bit, he ended it saying of course he can win.

And the Democrats have a real credibility problem what with America still being in Iraq, which hurt Democrats if anybody other than Dennis wins the Democratic nomination. After all, the Democrats won back the House and Senate on the issue of Iraq and were put in charge of getting us out and have since failed. Unlike those Democrats who have failed, Dennis has succeeded in articulating policy for getting out of Iraq that would work if implemented.

Simply, Dennis is the only Democrat who can win---he opposed the war from the beginning, he's for universal free not-for-profit health care, repealing NAFTA and withdrawing from the WTO, repealing the PATRIOT Act, and breaking up monopolies that get in the way of the people particularly those media monopolies who feed us a media blackout on Dennis who would be killing all the other Democratic candidates if the media gave him as much coverage as all the other candidates are getting.

I don't think it could be put any better than how you said it Dennis: "I'll win when people decide to win."

Amen to that. So what will it be America? Anybody but a Republican or a real Democratic candidate in 2008? As FOX News says, "You Decide."

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