John McCain =Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Religious Right

If the Sarah Palin choice says anything about John McCain, outside of his utter contempt for the American people, it is that he has become a WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT.

This choice means that he has become ' their boy' without hesitation.

If this were about choosing a Republican WOMAN, there were plenty other choices of GOP women.

But, this wasn't about that.

This was about selling out to the Religious Right, because Palin is THEIR GIRL.

John McCain does not have the money of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has been out organizing McCain in every state that will be fought over in this election. It was announced only a couple of weeks ago that the McCain Campaign was BEGINNING to form a ground game. But, ground games take money. Money McCain doesn't have.

The ground game for the GOP, in the last 2 election cycles, has been done through The Religious Right. He had no way of getting them to come out and work for him.


In choosing Palin, he is once again, giving into the GOP base.

In choosing Palin, he is in bed, up to his neck, with the Dobsons, the Pat Robertsons, and all the rest of them.

Maverick my ass.

He's even more of a pawn of the Religious Right than Dubya, and I didn't think that was possible.

The way to attack Palin is to attack MCCAIN.

This is about:
a) HIS Judgement. THIS was his first decision as a Presidential Nominee.
b) The crock of his slogan - Country First
c) His COMPLETE SELLOUT to the Religious Right

Don't let the media spin this as some 'John McCain the Maverick is Back'.


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Re: John McCain =Wholly Owned Subsidiary

And unless i'm missing something, it looks like the Dems are going to let McCain off the hook for his past endorsements by and connections with Parsley and Hagee. Only when the past Hitler praise comments came out of Hagee's mouth did McCain back off. However, before that ever happened, Hagee was preaching about a "military preemptive strike on Iran." In other words, McCain was endorsing a strike on Iran, and given his AIPAC connections, it is too likely that he would give Israel the Green Light to hit Iran. And then, of course, when the Iranians retaliate by hitting Israel, we are fullfledged into another war, 2-300 dollar a barrel oil, real inflation, and who knows, a virtual economic depression.

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