Long Time Clinton Supporter (ME) Switches To Obama08!

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****I posted this on DailyKos yesterday, it got a great response, a majority of the posters on there want unity and to move on, MYDD Obama supporters, I hope you will follow suit, they were gracious and not more than 3 bad comments about HRC in a diary that was atop the rec'd list for a few hours. Now I've decided to post this here and hope my fellow HRC supporters will understand and also support Obama in 08!***

Some of you may know me, as a pretty constant and ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton.

This isn't easy guys, it's been a tough year-and-a-half long campaign, but it's time to get together and let the divisions die down as we gear for the fight of our lives together!

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What Unity Will Mean (some thoughts)

Well, unity has to happen, but for those on the Blogs (a minority of dems overall but an important one) need to do a few things for supporters of each candidate to even be able to conceive being united with the others. Here are some thing I think will help.

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Obama and Wright: Campaign Position

Senator Obama, the Kos community, Kos himself, myself, have rightly been upset over Geraldine Ferraro's racially insensitive comments.  Now it's Reverend Wright's turn:

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