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    I could not agree more.
    But I hope you understand that means  --  No Democrats allowed on Fox.  
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    Expect the Democrats to give way on this too.
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    Sorry, but isn't that like saying: The sky is blue. The grass in green?

    Of course Rockefeller is a coward. No need to prove it.
    And of course Rice is a liar.  No need to prove that either.

    Other than that, very interesting read. Thanks for posting.

  • Excellent.  
    The damage this can do could not be made clearer.
  • Routine opportunistic?   Nah.
    This one went to the heart of his character.
    He tried to please both sides and he lost them both.
    Ferrer is toast.
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    If anything, we Democrats should be shaking our collective heads and saying to ourselves: "Here they go again."

    Then we should be asking ourselves: Why are we always on the defensive?

    Little by little, the Republicans are chipping away at our freedoms, harassing our people, making their lives more difficult and decreasing their choices.  And, we just keep taking it, and taking it and taking it. We say: "Ah, this is no big deal, just a minor inconvenience, its symbolic that's all", not knowing that once the camel's nose is under thye tent, before long he'll  be pushing us out. We do not swee the danger until it's right upon us, and too late for us to do anything about.

    Our enemies are inordinately creative. They can always find new fronts to explore and probe. Who would have thought they'd start a recall in California and steal the Governorship?  Just like that, California is gone.  Who expected them to break the rules and start redistricting in Texas and steal five seats?  Then the bankruptcy bill, the most harmful thing yet to our people, class-action, blocking our people from suing where it could benefit them most, now they are trying to make it more difficult for our women to get birth control.

    It never ends. And we, just take it, and take it, and take it.

  • That i agree with Parker's argument, although I would not characterize your views as 'Nonsense". You are welcome to your point of view.

    What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong, and the law cannot sanction discrimination of any kind.  

    In addition, All concessions begin as seemingly meaningless, but once you compromise here, how do you stop the diehard racist teacher who refuses to teach say, Mexicans? Or a doctor from treating Blacks?

    No, the law cannot be wishy washy.

    It's all nonsense anyway because I can guarantee you this: If a gun store owner decided NOT to sell Saturday night specials, the Republicans would be up in arms.  Pun intended.

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    People talk about Hillary's chances, and they begin to throw around negative percentages, they should remember two things, viz:

    1. Rick Lazio held a rally once where everyone in attendance was screaming 45, 45. That number represented Hillary's high point in the polls in NY. For months she was stuck right there. Dick Morris wrote columns saying she could never cross that treshold.  She won with more than 55% of the vote.

    2. No President has been more hated and more polarizing than George W Bush. If he could win, so could Hillary.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha
    So why do you think God created Viagra?
  • It is a big deal.  It's the constant chipping away by the Republicans and some Democrats are too prepared to meet them half way.

    If a pharmacist cannot in good conscience dispense legal prescriptions then he should find another line of work.  Under no conditions should he be allowed to pick and choose what he will dispense or to whom he'll dispense it.  Kerry sadly got onto the slippery slope.

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    rendered Blair irrelevant, and ran against Bush, they may make more inroads. A vote for Blair is a vote for Bush. Many Brits believe that Tony is not his own man.
  • I am not sure I agree with your statement that Democrats are not sure of what their core beliefs are right now.

    I believe that they do know. The problem is that they have no problem betraying those beliefs just as they have no problem betraying those who supported them to put them where they are.

    Case in point: Freddie Ferrer In NYC telling cops that the Diallo case was overprosecuted.

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    And it looks like he will, sooner or later, the Democrats will cave.  They will do or say something that will destroy their advantage and give Bush the upper hand on this issue. So frustrating.


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