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    her fellow sisterhood of women apparently. Cute in commercials, but they shouldn't be protected.

    She just might be more whacked out than McCain himself.

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    with independents and any still disaffected PUMAs.

    The PUMAs, if I understand them at all, don't want just any woman as President or Vice-president. They want the woman Hillary Clinton.

    Palin's social views from initial reports seem to be 180 from those of Hillary, but appeal to the most conservative wing of the Republican party.

    I don't see how Palin helps McCain with Democratic women, independents and, now that I think about it, even moderate Republicans.

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    He admitted to the press he had another load.

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    A blow-dried Republican, a Democrat and Ralph Nader walk into a bar...

    the Bartender looks and says, "Is this another joke?"



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    By statute, any retired career military person, cannot be appointed or serve as Secretary of Defense until a period of 10 years has elapsed since that individual's retirement from active duty.

    Wes Clark, my most fervent wish for V.P., retired from active military service on May 2, 2000. He is precluded by law from appointment to Secretary of Defense until at least May 3, 2010. That would be over thirteen months after Barack assumes the presidency.

    Wes Clark is not in consideration for Secretary of Defense. My hope is that he is in contention for Veep and will have significant influence on the upcoming Obama choice for Secretary of Defense.

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    The Lord, it's said, works in mysterious ways. This has to be one of those mystical moments.

    May Stephanie rest in eternal peace and her family and close friends soon find comfort and overcome their grief from her all to soon passing.

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    Sadly, LordMike

    For all the democratic ideals we hold dear, this nation has almost been taken over by a form of theocratic driven totalitarianism our founding fathers could never have imagined.

    And the forces of evil are still hard at work, running another easily manipulated puppet and using all their still remaining nefarious infiltrations into every corner of influence to enhance their continued march to a hoped for victory.

    Obama had better win in November or we can all kiss the Constitution and every one of its attached amendments goodbye. These criminals working against Obama want nothing short of replacing our democracy with something even worse than what the Chinese are running.

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    John Edwards wasn't my pick during the primary run, because I felt the wounding he took with Kerry in 2004 was too recent and too many issues would be brought up again from that difficult and unfortunate run.

    Still, I admire the man very much and have always thought that his articulation of the "Two Americas" meme remains one of the best political strategies Democrats are still not drum-beating enough.

    It should go, almost without saying, how much I personally admire Elizabeth Edwards and still wish for her complete recovery from cancer.

    This additional pain and embarrassment she and their kids must be feeling now... I hope what should be a private matter amongst them is resolved with the best of outcomes for all.

    There were many Edwards' supporters throughout the last few campaigns and this tragic revelation must disappoint them greatly.

    Take heart, good Democrats. His better ideas got their sounding board and still influence our politics today.

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    My wife has decorated her three different "mansions" during the course of our twenty-six year marriage: Our home, Our Bedroom and My Doghouse.

    I've slept in all three for some periods of time over the years and I must admit that I've found each one has a unique benefit.

    Ssssshhhhh. Looking like Our Bedroom this weekend.

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    Mojo and rec for you for taking up the fight.

    Like we taught our daughter, our granddaughter and, god willing, we'll teach our 8 month old great-granddaughter when she's old enough to understand: Kick the bastard in the balls, again and again, as hard as you can.

    Great diary. My family is with you.

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    What a really great diary!

    It's filled with colorful pictures, entertaining video, timely information and some hysterically funny comments.

    Doesn't get much better than this on the old information highway.

    The sunnier side of MyDD. Thanks so much!

  • Best danged reply yet. You must have gone to City College.

    (No offense meant, IES. Your excellent reply just happens to be right there after the "preppie hijack".)

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    Barack is, I think, keeping his powder dry.

    While it seems McCain is getting the upper hand in attacking his opponent, he is also exposing his own flank with each of his tawdry ads.

    The battle will be joined soon enough to McCain's great regret.

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    Okay, did some Googling and indeed there are plug-in hybrids, so the terminology can't be attacked and I'm now a wee bit more informed about those nifty little cars than at my first post.

    Still, the conundrum remains. How do we square the plank of policy that increases our demand for electricity with the other plank of the policy that requires a reduction in demand?

    Every other goal and plan of Barack's energy policy, including and especially the first, is workable, achievable and visionary.

    But urging us all to go out and buy electric cars while simultaneously calling for us to reduce our electricity use by 15% just doesn't make sense.

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    Superb diary, Steve. Another example of why I'm just too chicken to write diaries myself. So many gifted writers here.

    One thing about Barack's policy speech did raise a question in my mind.

    Point One, the worthwhile goal of putting one million plug-in hybrids on our roads within six years. But plug-ins need electricity.

    Point Three, we will move to reduce electricity use by 15% within that same decade.

    Seems a conundrum is in that policy.

    My understanding is that hybrids like the Toyota Prius don't need to be plugged in. They generate their own electric recharge for the battery pack simply by braking the vehicle.

    If we are going to promote hybrids, which I think we should, we need to rightfully call them just hybrids. Golf carts and Segways are plug-ins.

    I think Barack needs to fine tune his message just a bit.

    Am I wrong here?


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