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    The perception that the Obama administration has been too close or soft on Wall Street has hurt Obama. Summers and Geithner should never have been hired in the first place. Geithner has been nothing but headache for Obama, from his tax problems to the latest revelations of his shenanigans with AIG. We need an economic team whose primary mission and desire is to help the middle class and Main Street, folks who are passionate about creating jobs. There doesn't seem to be any real passion about creating jobs from the current Obama economic team. That fighter mentality is sorely lacking.

    Obama should ditch Geithner and replace him with Paul Volcker or Laura Tyson. And Dean Baker, Paul Krugman or Robert Reich should replace Summers. I've never really understood Summer's popularity among the D.C. elite-- his track record has been abysmal to say the least.

    Obama should take a page from Andrew Cuomo. He went tough on Wall Street, and New Yorkers love him for that. You are either with the people or with the elite. Right now, Obama is looking like a president who cares more about the elite than ordinary folks.

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    There should be a three-pronged strategy to tackle high unemployment.

    1.  Jim Oberstar's (D-Minn) $500 billion highway bill should be given serious consideration by the Obama White House. This is an investment that has long-term dividends. Funding should come from cuts to tax deductions for charitable gifts from upper-income Americans.

    2.  Rework some trade deals. We cannot blindly allow huge trade deficits to hurt American manufacturers. South Korea and China shouldn't be allowed to restrict American goods to a tiny share of their markets. Free trade should be fair trade.

    3. Use more TARP funds to greatly expand loans to small businesses.

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    Christie has one huge advantage going for him right now, and that is voter enthusiasm. There is a strong anti-incumbent, anti-government, bailout fatigue mood in the country, and this is depressing Corzine's numbers and helping Christie. And this is why Democrats in Congress really need to get health care reform done this year or else there'd be a bloodbath for them in 2010. Voters are not in a forgiving mood and are asking: "What have you done for me lately?"

    As for Pres. Obama, he needs to channel FDR and stop with this Summers/Geithner, 'bipartisan' wishywashy DLC policies that are not doing much to create new jobs. It's the ECONOMY stupid.

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    Obama has to go. All the other world leaders are showing up. If he doesn't go and Chicago came up short, everyone will blame him. Sorry, but that's the hard reality. Also, I think you're being too negative by saying it's already a foregone conclusion that Rio will win. Well, you never say never. he first rule of winning is to show up.

    As for the positives, hosting the games in the US will surely be an economic boost to Chicago and the USA. If Obama wins a second term, wouldn't it be nice for his legacy to leave with something positive like the Olympics attached to his administration? It would also be a big plus to the Democratic nominee in 2016.

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    Brian Moran is a good guy but an utterly lousy campaigner. His campaign has been really incompetent. Talk about advantages -- he had the best inherent advantages at the start of the campaign. How the heck did they allow T-Mac to overtake them? Reminds me of the Clinton folks who thought they were invincible and had this in the bag, and didn't look over their shoulder.

    T-Mac is going to win this. Moran and Deeds have better chances at winning in the general, but unfortunately both of them have ran abysmal campaigns.

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    There are BETTER and more credible potential Democratic candidates to take on Specter. Matthews is nothing but a celebrity candidate who has no demonstrable heavy lifting work for Dems in PA.
    Same thing we got with Al Franken. Ciresi would have easily won the MN seat.

    I hope we don't make the same mistake twice.

  • Actually, the campaign send out an email to all its supporters informing them of the tool. I think it was from their top field director. I think another email to supporters would be a great idea now that the conventions are over and people are starting to pay attention.

    However, publicizing this tool too much has its drawbacks. Some trolls on FreeRepublic were discussing efforts to corrupt the system by posing as Obama supporters. I wish there was a safeguard against this.

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    Zero foreign experience. This is an extremely weak pick.

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    Obama campaign is good at faking vp choices. I won't be surprised if the VP is among the featured speakers on Mon and Tues.

    How about Bob Graham?

  • Good points, Jonathan. I think the ad could use a little more specificity to hit McCain harder. The Obama media team should be tying the Iraq war explicitly with America's worsening economy. Next time, they should use real people in Ohio, Penn, Missouri and so on to hit McCain on trade and the economy. August is the best time to define McBush.

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    I remember in 2006 he had a huge COH reserve and yet he gave comparatively little to the DNC. He was actually shamed into giving more.

    I hope Obama is looking at what kind of person Bayh is. Bayh is for Bayh only. He's one very selfish person and I pray Obama doesn't pick him as VP.

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    Here is McCain's plane:

    http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/200 8/06/30/mccains-new-plane/

    http://embeds.blogs.foxnews.com/2008/06/ 30/air-straight-talk-launches/

    Don't let the facts hit you on your behind.

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    When you have to announce that you're leaving a blog, it means you're a bit of a 'drama queen'. I really don't get these ego-driven diaries.


  • Cheesssssyyyooooo!!!

    Haha. But United We Stand!

  • He's updated his story:

    "So I'm now told that the first Obama-Clinton campaign event won't take place in Pennsylvania after all. When I learn more, I'll pass it along."

    http://marcambinder.theatlantic.com/arch ives/2008/06/bad_info_on_clintonobama.ph p


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