Tell CBS To Fire David Feherty

In fact tell Golf Magazine to fire him also.

This little bug Ferherty has suggested that US military troops would kill Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid if given them chance.

Writing in D Magazine Ferherty offers up this gem, "if you gave any U.S. soldier a gun with two bullets in it, and he found himself in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Osama bin Laden, there's a good chance that Nancy Pelosi would get shot twice, and Harry Reid and bin Laden would be strangled to death."

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Kill The So Called Stimulus Bill. We Need Big Ideas.

Scrap the so called stimulus bill and start over.

Go back to the big ideas.  Instead of a million little items, many of which do ZERO to stimulate anything or anybody, go back to a core group of big ideas that will not only create jobs and stimulate the economy but pay dividends in the future.  

Think of all the great ideas proposed not only by Obama, but in the last race by John Kerry, and some of the other challengers.   There were a lot of big ideas floated.  Ideas that were great, although at the time you had to know the willingness to fund them would probably never come.

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Go Shopping America!

Barack Obama can actually take a bit of a page from George W. Bush.  Hard to believe I said that, but I think he can.  After 9-11 George Bush made a call to Americans to go shopping.  Granted it was clumsy, and the exact timing may not have been right.

But I know why he said it.  I know what he meant.  It was important that Americans get up and go out and have confidence at at time that we'd just been wounded on the ground in NY, PA, and DC, and seen the stock market take a dive.

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Bailout Embarrassment

It is time for us to put our actions where our mouths have been for the last 8 long miserable years.   We have complained of the Republicans lack of regulation, lack of oversight, and willingness to look the other way for big business and the folks that line their pockets.

Now it looks like our Democratic leaders in Washington may be doing the same thing.

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Will President Obama create a trend?

Will David Axelrod move into the White House?

George W. Bush moved his top political strategist into the White House.   He was the first President that I can remember doing that.  Up until Karl Rove was given an office just down the hall from the Oval Office, and was allowed to participate in policy matters, the hired guns and gurus moved on after the election, returning only as needed.  

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Saint Obama - not my words


Obama is a media driven candidate.  I know many in his camp either don't believe that or don't want to admit it, but he clearly is.   He needs cable news on his side, pushing his talking points.

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Should We Be Swift Boating McCain

Last night I saw the recent ad put by Democracy For America, and Brave New Films.  It contains a former Navy POW, Phillip Butler sitting in a chair and saying that ones experience as a POW isn't a great experience for a President, that McCain has issues with his temperment, and that he is unfit to lead.

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Obama's Grandmother Victim of Thieves

Sarah Obama's home in Kenya was apparently the target of thieves.   She didn't appear to be harmed.  

Four would be thieves were arrested reports the BBC.  No word on if she lost anything or suffered property damage.

It is interesting to note that Obama has a beer named after him in Kenya.  That in itself is pretty cool.

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Christy Matthews, and Olbermann Spanked

I had such high regard for MSNBC and Keith Olbermann just over a year ago.   It was a great network, with great guests.   A whos who every night it seemed came on to interviewd on the various shows.  More importantly, the subject mattered more than the people.

This election cycle has trashed MSNBC as personal bias, sexism, and unprofessionalism have been the order of the day.  Not just among the hosts, but the regular commentators as well.  

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