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    Just sayin'.

  • comment on a post Analyzing Ukrainian Elections, Part 1 over 3 years ago

    Just sayin'.

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    The last Gallup I think had us even and the last Q poll had the Repubs up 5 or 7.

    IN '06 and '08 we had solid double digit leads in most or all the generic polls when we rolled up big gains.

    Its about turnout and that scares the hell out me.

    The GOP is pretty solid ... those people vote.   Democrats?  Not so much.

    Back in '06 this site was flooded w/ posts talking up D candidates, links ot Act Blue, etc.   It was all about the election and a lot of people were posting.

    Today?  Not so much.   I think we are toast.   Not that we have to be, just that we will be.    God help us.

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    But so do a lot of candidates.  Its part of politics.


    Really, who really believed that we could bring all the troops home?   We'll have troops there 10 years from now.  

    Casualties went down, offensive operations came to a close.  

    I find it ironic that is Clinton supporters like myself who said all during the primaries that Obama supporters were starry eyed dreamers, and that Obama was setting himself up with them when he didn't close gitmo, legalize gay marriage end all wars, cure hunger ... all in the first 100 days ... that are now pulling for Obama the most, and offering the most support / defense.

    Liberals?   Where are they?   Peeing and moaning about nosense.

    It is time for a real gut check on this side and for people to ask how much power they want to hand  back to a Republican party that is way farthur to the right today than it was under Bush / Delay, etc.

    It hasn't beenn 4 years and we are already back to where the left was in 2000 ... peeing and whining and handing an elections to Republicans.  Remember there wasn't a "dimes worth of difference" between Gore and Bush.   Reminder all those on the left that said that ... and stayed home or voted Green?

    Liberals better vote.   If not they are worthless.

  • Is this is the type of posts we see.

    WE ARE TOAST in Nov.


    We were so close.   Re-districting post Census is going to make it that much harder to crawl back into meaningful power in the coming years too.


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    If a Republican wins the White House in '12 the teaparty vanishes.


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    How about helping to fire up the troops and get people tuned in and interested?

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    Geez, the Republicans cut cases are out there ready to clean our clocks then turn back the clock and lazy libs are still sitting around peeing and moaning setting up another '09 redux.   This sucks.

    Why let the tbaggers, the birthers, and deathers win?   All we have to do is show up (and donate a few bucks).

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    I supported Hillary Clinton, and didn't not care an ounce for Obama.  But I have to admit he has done a great job, probably better in many ways than Clinton could have done.


    The guy seems to be handling the problems of the day better than most would, and he seems to be checking off the campaign promises.  

    The same could be said for Democrats in Congress.  


    So I think it is time to throw the support behind them all, fire up the energy, take it to the Republicans, and make sure that the Republicans don't get control of the House or the Senate and put the brakes on and obstruct obstruct obstruct.


    Imagine the hearings and the nonsense and petty bs if the Republicans had the power to call hearings?    Nothing would get done.    NOTHING.


    Besides it is FUN kicking Republicans ass in November.  

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    Most of the people who rant against this bill here are on their mommy and daddy's insurance policy.

    If they didn't have insurance or if the had a pre-existing condition they wouldn't be so idealistic.

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    I sometimes think we are a hopeless band of mopes.

    How have not not been able to paint the Republican Party as a fringe group of lunatics and extremists that no sane person would even consider voting for or joining?

    They give us so much ammo everyday and still we let them survive and perhaps thrive in 2010.   Why?   How?

    We can be successful in 2010 if we just wedge the crap out the Republicans on the social issues and made them look as scary as they are.    Ask them:

    Do you support the right to carry concealed weapons on college campuses.

    Do you think abortion should be illegial.   Should doctors or women be put in jail for it?

    Do you believe in evolution?

    Do you support stem cell research?

    Is global warming real?

    Do you agree with Rush Limpbaugh that ___ (fill in the blank with the latest Rush whopper)?

  • Pretty childish on your part there fella ... the Fox accusation I mean.

    Grow up.

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    I like Franken.  He has a little mean streat in him ... and that is a good thing.   He is a fighter.

  • Make a deal with them.   They stop hiding the Taliban and helping Al Qaeda ... and helping to fuel the heroin trade ... and we'll assist them with their food needs.

  • I am sick of watching us try and wrestle defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Heck the Republicans are morons and even they managed to hang on to power for 4 years.   We are doing are best to give it away in 2.


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