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    I judged Bill.  You did. Everyone did.  A lot of people still are.

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    Facts are this:

    Edwards is a scary ego fueled freak.  He as actually running for President, hoping we'd give him the nomination while this was going on.  I mean, what was he thinking?  The Enquier, who is usually solid on celeb gossip had broke it, and others where hot on his heels.   If he had won the nomination he'd be handing the election to McCain TODAY.

    The media pooh pahed this thing because they didn't want to upset the Obama - Clinton narrative.

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    None of these 3 come close to passing the Commander-in-Chief test.  Obama, with his lack of experience, can't go with a candidate even weaker than himself on security matters.

    Hillary passed the Commander-in Chief test during the primaries.   Still I think Obama would be nuts to pick her too.  I don't see Hillary as being a good number 2.  I think the campaign would be a mess.


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