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    They seem to have a crazy anti-Obama bent and they can't get over it.

    1994 is not 2000, it is not 2004, it is not 2008, and it is not 2010.  Every election is different.

    Clinton was in the middle of a tough economy, a deficit he inherited, and he just failed in passing a major reform.

    Obama is in the middle of a far more challenging economy, a much larger deficit he inherited, and he succeeded in passing one of his major reforms and many others.

    Obama didn't fall on deaf ears last night in front of 26,000 at his rally.

    If you are deaf get a hearing aid.   I hear just fine.

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    "... nothing more than an urban agitator dressed up as President."

    Ding Ding Ding ... we have a troll.

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    I was thinking above that some of the attacks from the left sounds almost exactly the same as many from the right and from Fox.

    Someone above doesn't like something above did so he says he can't lead? 

    Saying are sitting Democratic President can't lead .... especially after all he has accomplished ... sounds like a Sean insHannity line of attack.

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    Obama didn't ATTACK his base.

    He called out a very small group of people on the far left.

    The media doesn't get it and the Whiners don't like it. 

    Now the whiners are using their platforms to try and suggest to the rest of us that we are all being attacked.   That is not true.

    Let the whiners whine but don't lump me in with them, I want nothing to do with them.

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    Obama sounds very rational, very reasoned.  

    For those crying about lack of leadership, do tell, how do you accomplish all those things if you can't lead?   I just don't get it.

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    Obama only has one vote and I am sure he will cast it for a straight Democratic ticket. 

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    I seriously wonder is someone who hearts Reagan AND makes your vulgar comment regarding Obama's leadership, all in the same paragraph shouldn't be posting at redstate or someplace similar instead.

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    Comparing a sitting President to a losing candidate doesn't make any sense either.

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    I'm sorry but I feel it is some on the far left who run first.

    Again hate to bring up '00 but remember their cry that there "isn't a dimes worth of difference" between Gore and Bush.   Many ran to Nader.

    I have said before that the thing I admire about the conservatives (if you can even call them that anymore ... I think extremists is a better term) is that for the last 50 years they have never given up.   They didn't demand the Republican Party change overnight, they fought it out in every election, they took their incremental victories early on, worked at the local levels to place the seeds for later statewide victories AND THEY NEVER STOPPED attacking Democrats with all they had.  

    Even when they have their intra party skirmishes they find time to turn and direct some heavy fire at the Democrats.

    They got Reagan elected and then moved onto the Bush / Delay crowed that made Reagan look somewhat moderate.   Now they are moving towards Jim DeMint and his type who make Bush look like a sane responsible person.

     They've elected more Presidents to more terms in recent history, they have got the majority in the court, and they have pushed us to a point where corporations have unprecendented influence and the wealthy are making unprecedented sums.   All because they have kep their eye on the prize and realize that you can't make the laws if you don't get elected.

    Elements of the Democratic Party seem to take long stretches off.   Like 2000 to 2003.   Many are not in for the long haul, and are not willing to accept the political reality that no change in Washington comes quickly.

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    This is a talking point from the very bloggers and activists who are doing the whining.   They want to turn more and more progressives against Obama.    It is a sickness with them.

    They want to lose in '10, they want to lose it all in '12 and then they want to pee and moan about for the next 6 to 8 years and blame the Democrats for not stopping the very people that they, the whiners, helped elect, the Republicans.

    We've seen this movie before.    It was called Al Gore in 2000.

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    He and Biden called out a small handful on unrealistic whiners who are unhappy he doens't have magical powers to satisfy their every political wish and all in the first two years to boot.

    They are pretty clear it is a small ... very small part of the base.   Not all progressives, not all Democrats, not all their voters.

    So save the bs.

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    This latest article in the Politico speaks to it, as did Biden's words in the Maddow show.

    What are now seeing is the small group of whining circling their wagon and saying look look look ... they are attacking all us.

    They are not attacking everybody ... they are attacking the whiner.  Which I think is a small group.

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    Grayson just misses it.

    The guy makes a great forceful arguement, hitting the facts and stomping on his opponents throat at the same time, then just about every time he adds that last sentence, that last little something that makes him look like a crackpot at the end.

    His 'Taliban' commercial is a great example.  It is a great hard hitting hard, but now everyone is focused on Greyson and 'Taliban' and not that his opponent is a extremist and a kook.

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    Comparing an interview to a national address, or Carter to Obama is just silly.

    Flat out silly.

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    I think it might something.  

    I still think it is a great site, I enjoy coming here and reading the posts, even the ones I disagree with, and I like the links to all the great articles etc., but I think the drop off in posts may tell us something.

    I agree with Biden that it a small small ... very small part of the base.    I also agree that some of it is flat out whining (like not getting a public option when the votes were not there).   

    I didn't see a lot of whining or sitting on hands in WI last night.   The President gave a great speech and the large crowd seem very connected and fired up.   They didn't look like they were very concerned with what someone like a Huffington or a poster on MyDD has to say. 

    A microphone makes someones voice seem powerful even when it is not.   I think what you are seeing a handful of people with a microphone .. a blog .. making noise and having that noise amplified.

    During the '06 and the '08 elections this site had a lot more diaries being written, and it had a heck of a lot more responses.   But since it seems that a majority of what is posted is critical of Obama ( and in my opinion often unfairly so), I wonder if a lot of people are just tuning out because they don't want to hear it.   I wonder if anyone of those 1000s of attendees in WI last night cheering the President used to come here and post and now don't want to because of the negativity.

    As for any 3rd party talk I will say what I always say.   If that is what someone wants to do, after what we saw in 2000, they should go start making their Nader signs now but don't come back and don't ever bitch that the Democrats are not going enough to stop the Republicans that THEY helped elect.  


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