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    You are either a Republican, or ignorant and bitter, or just plain dumb.


    Anyone who wants to knock Obama for not being out on point and attacking Republican obstructionists earlier will get no arguement from me.

    But to excuse the Republicans, especially with the Senate, where you need 60 votes to do anything, and to simply heap blame on Obama makes you either Republican, ignorant and bitter, or just plain dumb.

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    Jack Landsman is a CLOWN.

    A sick little joke. 

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    If I recall the Dems had a large generic lead in late '05.

    Folks like Cook explained it away.  They used excused like the GOP GOTV efforts would carry the day, that Republicans knew how to win.   One pundit, and it may have been Cook, I don't remember, fairly late in the game, even said Democrats still risked finding a way to "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory."

    In short they over estimated GOP political ability. 

    This election is a bit different.   Republicans are not far ahead (not at all in some polls) in the generic, and their favorables as a party are LOWER than the Democrats.   So it really seems that turnout will drive this thing.    Which appears to be in the Repubs fav big time. 

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    Americans will face a choice in '12.

    Many will take that seriously, do their duty and vote for their choice.

    Some will pee and moan and stay home.   Screw them, they get what they deserve.



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    Lori, the redstate Repub chimes in.


    Who cares what you think.  You are a Republican. 

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    Reid and Pelosi suck.

    I am sorry, I want the Senate, I want that firewall.   But boy would I love to see Harry lose.   I hate them both.   Harry looking like the past his prime dottering old fool and Pelosi with that fake smile plastered on her face constantly touching her hair as she addresses the press.   They are awful. 

    For now, the Senate in the balance, I'll root for Reid, but he is awful on tv.

    Why can' they leaders delegate pressers and tv interviews, etc. to more charismatic member?   And why do Dem Senators, like Shumer for instance, who is good on tv, wear those silly granny glasses perched on the bottom of their noses when they are working?   They look silly. 

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    Corporate America and self interested billionaires will make sure that they take the White in '12 at all cost, and they have the favorable draw in incumbant Senators.   If they take it all, they will do away with the filibuster.   They have balls.    We will be an oligarchy.   We can all post to kingdom come and pee moan about it and attack Democrats will the sins of Republicans, but the outcome will not change.

    Unless we contribute and we vote. 

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    I hate to say it, while never inquire as to how they vote, I don't think my grandparents would vote for Obama.   We are talking about two white, blue state retirees.  

    I think a lot of older white voters, while not hateful, or overtly racist, just can't make that leap to vote for a black man.  

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    You called it.  

    There is a group of people who I thought were Democrats who seem to crave seeing this President fail.    I don't know why.   I guess they like Bush / Cheney beating on them instead.   Maybe some people are not happy unless they feel they are the victim.  

  • Marshall should ask the ad come down until he can be sure where the money funding it comes from.


    This seems like a naked attempt by the Chamber to say "oh we support Democrats too."   77 Republicans, 1 Democrat.   Yeah, right.

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    Seem to prove you do not.

    If I am not mistaken Reagan was not born into weath.

    Obama may have been grown up in a upper middle class environement, however, that is not wealth.  It is a far cry from a Bush, or Kennedy style dynasty.

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    You think McCain really had a chance?   Really? 



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    Am I the only one who thought that the Democratic Primary WAS THE ELECTION last time around? 

    Seriously, I never thought McCain, or any other Republican stood a chance against Obama or Clinton. 

    The tide was against them and it was a weak GOP slate.

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    Listen, if handed a choice between say Kucinich and DeMint, America will go with DeMint in a general everytime.   Not saying it is smart, not saying it is right.   But it is true, and it is real.

    If the left wants to govern they first have to sell the American people on their message.    Why do you think so many Democratic Senators are so moderate?   Why?   Because if they ran to the left they get slaughtered.   Liberals / progressives are getting destroyed not by Democrats, but by Republicans, who city by city, town by town, district by district, state by state have kicked liberal ass over the last 40 years. 

    Can't you see that?  

    McGovern couldn't beat Nixon.   Mondale couldn't beat Reagan ( to quote Dennis Miller who I used to think was funny, Mondale got "beat like a NARC at a biker rally").   Dukakis couldn't beat Bush.

    Bring the voters and you get your way.  

    Conservatives put in the work.  They carried their signs, they ran for school board, they protested abortion clinics (sick as that is), they worked for it.

    Liberals seem to want it handed to them.  

    How exactly will you "rebuild the party" in say 8, 10, or 12 years?  By blogging?   By bitching?  

    Either take what you get, and Obama is the best liberals / progressives will get in a long long time, or stay home and bitch, or put in 30 or 30 years of hard work like the conservatives. 


  • Then pee and moan why the Democrats you didn't vote for or support in any way can't stop the Republicans from doing things you don't like.

    It seems to be a favorite liberal past time. 


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