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    He doesn't realize that


    a) Presidents are not dictators and can't just get their own way


    b) Whiles it easy to huff and puff on tv its harder to deal with the various factions in Congress


    His views on how to condcut the poltics of the White House are simple and sometimes childish.

  • What a fool.   I will bet you a dollar Obama voted and voted for a straight Democratic ticket.  


  • Just my humble opinion.   Maybe he'd rather McCain / Palin won.   I am sure he'll vote for some third party in 2012 and then whine and cry as Romney / Palin try to detroy him and military folks like him.

    He is a loser in my book.

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    All the while whining about silly little things that add up to nothing.


    The Republican machines keeps their eyes on their prize and they don't let up, and they don't get distracted. 

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    Is that 1) he seems to have the same small number of guests and commentators on over and over and over again.   I noticed in the press for his first show it was basically regular from his old show., and 2) I don't get CurrentTv.

  • When Eric Cantor and Rand Paul have free reign to destroy the middle class and ruin this country, I'll think of chuckle heads like you.

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    Why does change have to be "radical".  


    Americans don't like "radical".  Which is why radical Republicans call themselves conservative. 

  • I supported Clinton to the max and was never banned.

    I seem to be in the minority here today, in my support of Obama.

    When will idiots on the left learn to direct their fire at the opposition ... the republicans.


    By the way, I must say that the blogs that are most agressive in attacking Obama appear to be mostly single issue oriented.   They are fixuated on gay marriage, and more so, on 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'.    If Obama had just issued an exec order, half of his online problems would have never arisen.  

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    One JoeMentum.   Lieberman is angry.  He is angry about not getting the nomination in '04, which he cluelessly thought was his due as the VP candidate in '00, and he is angry about being primaried.   He is clearly grinding an ax at this point in his career, and may not be thinking about another term anyway.

    The second is Snowe.   I lack info here, is Miane a closed primarty?   If Maine is a closed primary it is not unlikely they could face some Joe Miller type teabagger.

    But someone like Nelson can't be that dumb.   He switches and he gets primaried by a Republican next time around .... easily.

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    If election were held today Obama would lose Ohio, probably PA, and Fl.   So sure he would be electoral toast. 

    But so what?   What can we do about it.   I am not a historian, but I read where Reagan and Clinton had slightly lower approvals at this same point in time.    The fact is we don't know what will play out in the next Congress, the next year, or in the GOP primaries.  

    I am not a political consultant.   But I do hope that Obama and the Democrats don't have a "now it time to our differences aside and get down to work moment."   Hopefully they will take a que from the Republicans and go hard and go nasty, and challenge Republicans in the House to pass legisation they can run on in '12.  

    But at any rate, it all has to play out and we have to see were sitting in Nov. / Dec. '11 to get a better feel of the '12 landscape.   I am not prepared, now, to just say the heck with it and get down about '12 when the '10 results are not even in yet.  

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    Did your girl break up with you?   You lose a loved one?  What?

    I always came here because this site had more facts, more analysis, than others sites that seemed to be fueled by single issues, cheerleading or emotion.   But today this site is sad with very few diaries, and fewer responses,  and you seem angry, sort of detached from Democratic politics. 

    I heard a conservative, here today when I early voted in NC, telling someone that this country is at a crossroads.  I agree with the guy ( a black guy handing out a conservative voter guide).   Americans are ready to veer anywhere and on the right is fighting for them right now (for their vote, their money I believe).    Activists, columists, bloggers, etc. on the D side are needed now more than ever.   

    How do we change the debate?  How do we change the message?  How do we win this WAR?

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    The fact is that today you have to sell on tv.   Reid and Pelosi are PITIFUL on tv.  They suck.  But so does Hoyer.

    I suspect as we foward more and more elections for these spots will rely on tv skills.  Boehner and and McConnell suck on tv too.

  • I have followed politics hard since '00 and have never thought he, or any other pollster, to be the in tank.   Now I am not so sure.   The guy is out there in a lot of polling.  He is either a genious with his ROBO polling, or a whack job ... or worse, a sell out.

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    I sense Frank Luntz behind this.   Angle, O'Donnell, Rand, Witman ... all using some form of "be a man" or "man up".   Dems better figure out a counter ATTACK on this, not just a reply.   Republicans seem to be looking at women in as future candidates, and there are a lot of business women, for example, in the pipeline.  

    Repubs are nott dumb.   They are going to keep going to the women candidates to try to nullify the Democrats usual advantage among women. 

    How do we combat this?

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    Here in NC .... straight Democratic ticket.

    Happy and proud to do so.


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