No more 'racism' ... we need CODE!

Republicans are famous for their code speak.


Reagan at Philadelphia MS, Bush 43 at Bob Jones, Gingrich with his "Kenyan", Beck with his ... well he didn't use code, he just called Obama racist.


We need to be smarter.


We white voters are still the majority in this nation and white voters ... especially white racist voters ... don't like be called racist.


Stop using the term.  We are smart people.  We can speak in code.   Just say Beck or Gingrich are "showing their true colors" ... or something similar.


Oh and stop saying "rich".   Americans love rich people.   We like rich athletes, we care about Paris Hilton, etc. etc. etc.   Say "people making over 250,000" or the "top 2%" (on second thought say the people making over 250,000).   Attack the rich you attack many of our heros, celebs, etc.   Heck Obama is "rich".  


Dems learn from the Repubs.  As much as I hate them, they are better at POLITICS than us.  Oh, don't give me some namby pamby you don't care about politics bs.   POLITICS IS HOW GOVERNMENT GETS DONE.   Like it or not.




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