More Than a Dimes Worth of Difference


 More than a dollar.

Remember?   A lot of posters here are probably too young.   A lot of the Democrats where unhappy that Clinton, forced to deal with a conservative controlled Congress passed a lot of legislation that was not exactly liberal.

When Al Gore ran for President in 2000 a lot of the detractors cried out "there isn't a dime worth of difference between Al Gore and George Bush."   This was their rational for staying home or worse voting Green, for Nader.

I have said here before that if I admire the conservatives for one thing, it is they have stuck to it, and never given up.  Their activists on am radio and cable tv never give up.   Their base, the most doesn't give up.   They just keep fighting.  

From the early 60s and the days of people like Goldwater and Buckley and the emergance of Reagan, they are something like 'Terminators' ... they just keep coming.

Democrats seem to come and go.

The problem I see in Democrats over the last 40 years is:

 1) They simply lack the fight, the hunger to make the kill that the Republicans have.   Republicans love to win an election and then jump and down and stomp on their enemies throats.  Heck, even when they lose, they don't care, they keep stomping, keep kicking, keep punching.

 Democrats win an election and run off to tweet, twitter, watch some vampire nonsense, or parse Ukranian elections.  Worse we seem to like quickly starting to attack the Democrat that just won.  

 2) Many among us constantly get lulled into thinking oh the Republicans are no worse than us.  Our guy is not better than a Republican.   "There isn't a dimes worth of difference between Al Gore and George Bush." ... We'll there was, wasn't there.

 Some people need to soul search and decide if politics and government is meaningful to them, as it is to the Republican base, still driven to conquer, still driven to grab a decisive majority on the Court, and if  they are in it for the long haul, or these subjects are just a diversion between other activities.

Anyone see Biden on Maddow last night?   He said it pretty plain and he was right.  

The people we are opposing are scary and want to do harmful things ... crazy things.   We need to fight back and stop them.   The other side is playing of for keeps.   I hope that we are realizing that we need to be prepared to do the same.



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