Gunshots Hit Peter DeFazio's Office, Federal Courthouse

I am sort of shocked that this is not getting more play ... or maybe it is and I am just missing it sitting here in front of my computer, but a gunman fired several shots at a Federal Courthouse in Eugene, Oregan, hitting the offices of (D) Rep. Peter DeFazio.

The attack happened overnight it appears when no one was in the office and no one was harmed.  The FBI is investigating.

I was speaking with someone just last week about how it is not Obama I fear for, because he has the best security in the world, but Senators and House members who will have to get out and mix and mingle at diners and VFW's during the coming election season.  

This incident reminds me that talking heads on am radio and Fox "News" are dangerous, and they are inciting people to do dumb, dangerous, and possibly violent things.   Granted, I don't know who this shooter is, or what motivated him or her, I am just saying I am fearful that there will be violence done during the 2010 cycle by people being ginned up by hate, nonsense, and phony controversy (like death panels and Kenyan birth certificates).

More from the AP out of Oregon: cle/ALeqM5itJ_mpN9O2KyyeUE-ieH3Z3xNBHAD9 BL8HIG0

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