Arianna Huffington, How Sincere Is She?


The question needs to be asked.   This women is not without means.   She is also the former wife of a Republican.    She is not friendly to Democrats in DC in the least.   Granted bashing Democrats in DC these days is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is popular sport.   But what are her motives?   How committed to Democrats is she?  How committed to Republicans? 



Lets try to deal in facts and get to the bottom of matters.

I have searched and tried to find contributions by Arianna Huffington to Democratic committees or candidates.   I couldn't find any.  I did find George Bush ( I assume Bush 41 as it was '92), and 'Monday Morning Pac' ('95) which appeared to be an Arlington, VA Republican Leadership group.

I googled. 

I found this site:

Still no Democrats, although, if this site has accurate info, she did donate Republicans including George H.W. Bush, and Tom Campbell.

I found this site:

Nothing.  No contributions.

So what is this women all about?   She is supposed to be progressive but like many progressives that supported Barack Obama and dug into their earnings, their savings, or even used their credit cards in some cases to donate to Obama and other Democrats, it doesn't appear by my research she donated anything meaningful .  Not to President Obama or any other Democrat.   I did manage to find that she shelled out for some Republicans.

I think progressives should really ponder this for a moment.  I may be  wrong but opensecrets is a pretty good site and I googled others and didn't find any Democratic contributions. 

As for me, I won't listen to anything a Bushie has to say about progressive politics or elections.   Unless anyone can show me different it appears that she was willing to donate to Republicans, including Bush, but is unwilling to donate to donate to Democrats in any meaningful way that would show up in reporting on various sites that track such things.   

If she had $1,000 for Bush or $1,000 for 'Monday Morning' Pac, why not $1,000 for some Democrat in need somewhere?   If I am I wrong, I am sorry, and would like to be corrected.  


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