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    "When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have
    been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it ... Always." -- Mohatma Gandhi
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    This is a great day for democracy. The people of Pennsylvania were presented with a clear choice, and they have gone out to vote in record numbers. The process is running smoothly, and the reports are that the Pennsylvanians are energized and eager to exercise their right to vote.

    In the Northeast part of the state, the NBC affiliate reports that the Marks Center polling place in Wilkes-Barre - where 400 voters typically vote over an entire day - has already seen 350 voters with eight hours to go.

    In Allentown, we expected four volunteers to show up for overnight duty - putting together canvassing packets and doorhangers up on doors. Twenty-five people showed up. Right now, the campaign parking lot is so full that cars are double parked and spilling into the street.

    In Harrisburg, Becky Ogle, who is a person with a disability, and has a vehicle that can accommodate wheelchairs and has been driving disabled voters to the polls in Harrisburg area. She's started just before 8 AM this morning and will drive until the polls close. Helping her is Chris Ruge, who is two months and two days shy of being old enough to vote, but he took the day off from school to help Becky drive people to the polls.

    In the Southwest, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports huge turnout:

    • At John McMillan Presbyterian Church in Bethel Park, for instance, voters reported waits of 25 to 35 minutes, which they said was unprecedented in recent years.

    • In the Newlonsburg area of Murrysville, the wait was up to 90 minutes.

    • At John Minadeo Elementary School in Squirrel Hill, a line stretched out the door and down Lilac Street.

    • About 200 voters had shown up in West Mifflin's 18th district by 10 a.m., and poll worker said sometimes they don't get that many all day.

    And in Philadelphia and its suburbs, voters are coming out in droves:

    • WPVI, Channel 6, reported that "suburban voter turnout has been heavy."

    • By noon today, divisions in and around the University of Pennsylvania exceeded the total number of votes cast in 2000 by 300 votes. Since April 28, there have been 2,340 new Democratic registrations.

    • According to NBC 10, by 7:15 a.m., the queue to get into the voting booths at Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel in Philadelphia stretched for half a city block.

    • At the Garnet Valley Middle School in Glen Mills, a suburb in Delaware County, the line to vote was 150 people long. The wait to pull a lever was 30 minutes.

    • Sigourney Weaver, who just finished filming in Pensylvania, called our Bucks county office last night asking what she could do to help today. Currently, she is out with hundred of volunteers canvassing in Bucks County.

    • David Morse (from the TV show, "Hack") is driving voters to the polls in Northeast Philadelphia

    The election is running smoothly. Voters are informed and patient.

    Tonight, Pennsylvania will help elect a new President and give America the fresh start it needs.

    -- Tony Podesta, Kerry/Edwards Pennsylvania Campaign Manager

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    Live in radical religious right-wing republican central Pennsylvania, but this morning, I voted for John Kerry and John Edwards. I am convinced of victory in Pennsylvania and across the country! "A Beautiful Day!!!"


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