Fox Gives Mitt a Lift

The Fox web site reports Mitt Romney as leading the Republican money race with $23 mill and then gives ol' Mitt a subtle little boost by claiming that Mitt is running third to Giuliani and McCain.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In the latest USA Today/Gallup poll, Mitt is tied for fifth with Sam Brownback behind Giuliani, McCain, Newt Gingrich and Fred Thompson.

For some reason beyond my ability to discern, media outlets like Fox have decided that Mitt Romney is a "first tier" candidate. But the poll numbers have never backed it up and Romney is now stuck in third tier status.

The Republican First Tier:

The Republican Second Tier:
Fred Thompson

The Republican Third Tier:
Mitt Romney
Sam Brownback
Tommy Thompson
Tom Tancredo
Duncan Hunter
Mike Huckabee
James Gilmore
Duke Cunningham

If Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich run, all the third tier candidates are doomed.  Thompson and Newt are so media friendly that they'll form a kind of media screen preventing the less popular candidates from getting any attention.

If Thompson and Newt don't run, Romney would have to unleash a tsunami of negative advertising to lower Giuliani's or McCain's numbers.  At the same time, he would have to hope that all of the voters who peeled off from the front-runners would land in his lap.  It's not likely.  Fox and the other networks are doing Romney a favor by posing him as the "third" candidate, but his odds are very long indeed.

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Re: Insiders Love Mitt. Why?

Romney was the first choice in last month's poll among RNC members by the LA Times.  Despite that, Giuliani was voted by insiders as their toughest candidate to beat.  What is the attraction here?

by David Kowalski 2007-04-02 12:23PM | 0 recs
I bet Romney's Q2 fundraising numbers nosedive!

Why?  Because if you're at 3% in the polls, nobody wants to give you money anymore.

by RT 2007-04-02 12:50PM | 0 recs
Re: Fox Gives Mitt a Lift

I was born into the Mormon faith, and raised strictly by the principles of the religion. The church is a fabulous social lifestyle for the masses who join it. But for those of us who live the most righteously and become worthy enough to enter the sacred Mormon temple (which only a small percentage of Mormons ever achieve) to be married for time and all eternity, the quest of every righteous Mormon girl, it can be an eye opening experience. One that makes me wonder how we could ever have a president who really believes all that hooey.

The day of my marriage what I learned in the mormon temple instantly turned me away from the church. The ceremony of sacred underwear, secret heaven names, and the belief  that men have a relationship with God and women have a relationship with the men who have a relationship with God apalled me. I had my secret heaven name whispered to me, and at that moment was told that my new husband was also given my heaven name so that he could call me to enter the kingdom of heaven when I get there. I asked what my husband's secret heaven name was so that I could also find him in heaven, and was refused. The church would never reveal that information to me. In the subsequent 23 years my loving husband also refused to grace me with that information, and we had a very good relationship. Women don't get to know the men's secret heaven name. I was assured by my husband and the leaders of the church that if I would be a good wife he would call for me in heaven. To which I replied in dismay - men can call women into heaven if they are "worthy" wives here on earth???

The temple ceremony went on, learning what the button holes in the garments stood for, memorizing mottos, practicing the secret hand-shake you need to get through the veil of heaven and working fervently like busy little bees to search obituaries and baptize every person who has ever lived on earth by proxy as a mormon as soon as they die just seemed to me to be so much hooey. I didn't even want to be associated with heaven once I discovered how crazily it was being run!

It might be interesting to explore Mit Romney's religious beliefs before we elect him as president, particularly the sacred beliefs he aspires to that are never revealed outside the walls of the mormon temples.

by donna913 2007-04-02 01:06PM | 0 recs
Re: Fox Gives Mitt a Lift

Thanks very much for that reply.  It was very interesting and informative.

by Ric Caric 2007-04-03 08:37PM | 0 recs


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