Let's Elect our Constitutional Officers

Why don't Mainers get the chance to elect our attorney general, secretary of state and state treasurer? Today's Portland Press Herald (http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/viewpoints/editorials/061208const.html) has an editorial on that question. The article expresses confidence in the abilities and proven track records of of our Attorney General, State Treasurer and Secretary of State and I can second that.

I wish all those positions were elected by the voters. Many states also elect a Lieutenant Governor too! This is an opportunity for new leaders to emerge, like Eric Menhert did in the recent US Senate primary, that our party is missing.

I certainly mean no disrespect to the talented leaders in our constitutional offices now.

Speculation on who will run for Gov in four years, throw their hat in the ring for the battle to unseat Susan Collins and run for Tom Allen's seat may involve some of these folks (and many others too!).

For the record, former House Speaker and current Attorney General Steve Rowe is a favorite for Governor and I believe State Treasurer David Lamoine is a man who belongs on the leadership scene for many years into the future. Secretary of State Matt Dunlap is a fine person indeed who is doing great things.

Let's give the people a chance to elect these important public positions. Does anyone know why Mainers are not afforded the opportunity?

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Re: Let's Elect our Constitutional Officers

Down here in SC, we elect NINE constitutional officers -- including the only popularly elected Adjutant General in the United States.  

Our government was designed like this during Reconstruction -- intentionally the weakest executive possible -- and the results aren't really optimal.  Since most people don't follow down-ballot races closely, they vote party line.  The elections are expensive, and people don't usually know anything about who they're voting for.

A major effort is underway here to drastically shorten SC's ballot.

by Laurin from SC 2006-12-09 05:49PM | 0 recs


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