"Good Youtube Potential"

From the party all about, you know, making history this November:

Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh boosted Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's pro-life position and mocked Barack Obama on his radio show yesterday with a make-believe riff in which Obama asked Palin "When you found out your baby would be born with Down syndrome, did you consider killing it before or after the due date?"

Limbaugh's "humor" caught the fancy of the Republican National Committee, which, in an internal e-mail, proposed using the bit in a YouTube clip.

The e-mail, which was sent to RNC Communications Director Danny Diaz, and mistakenly to a Tribune reporter, was titled "wow...good YouTube potential..."

http://www.swamppolitics.com/news/politi cs/blog/2008/08/rnc_mulls_limbaugh_abort ion_ja.html?

The article also links to a pdf of the actual email.  It's interesting that Limbaugh has long been one of Palin's main proponents in the rightwing noise machine.  When he and the RNC are not above using a child with Down Syndrome as a prop, can anyone possibly argue that this pick was made in good faith?  

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Re: "Good Youtube Potential"

I still can't get over that she has a 4-month old baby and plans to campaign.  Both campaiging and caring for a special-needs infants are more-than-fulltime jobs.  Does her husband care for the child, do they have a nanny, is the kid accompanying them?  The logistics must be crazy.

by blueAZ 2008-08-30 01:51PM | 0 recs
Re: "Good Youtube Potential"

Honestly, it's better to stay off this one. While I agree that anyone of either gender with a child that young should maybe be paying more attention to their family than to a national political campaign, it does come across as a pretty sexist talking point. If it were a male politician few would bat an eye, since the mother would be expected to stay home and care for the child.

by Cincinnatus 2008-08-30 02:04PM | 0 recs
Re: "Good Youtube Potential"

I agree, the logistics are not relevant.  The idea that some people wish to use the child as an anti-choice prop for the remainder of the election is sickening, though.

by rfahey22 2008-08-30 02:08PM | 0 recs
Re: "Good Youtube Potential"

Agreed, I wouldn't be pushing this issue if I  were in the campaign.  I'm not a parent or someone running for high office, so I don't know what its like, but I am sort of awed/amazed/puzzled by trying to combine the two.  I look at the challenge as on par with  running an ultramarathon or climbing Everest without oxygen or doing one of those Eco-challenge style adventure races.

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Good catch!


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Re: "Good Youtube Potential"

Rush Limpbaugh is a dog.  No, wait, he's lower than a rattlesnake's belly in a Grand Canyon crevice.

I speakout on this as the father of an adult child with Downs.  It's a terrible situation, all around.  There is no good answer for anyone facing such a situation, and for Rush to make light of it to score political points is despicable.  But we always knew he was despicable, a fat can't stay married pompous windbag who has addiction problems and can't get 'it' up, and those are his positive attributes.  

Palin and her family deserve to be left alone on this one issue: it is a private matter that they have absolutely no idea how to deal with yet. It will never end, even after they are dead and gone, should their child outlive them, the issue will still be causing grief for someone either within the family or for the child himself for being alone.  For any woman single married or otherwise to have to face such a decision, and NOT have the option to make a choice that would be in the best interest of her specific situation is the issue, and on that issue, Palin and Rush alike are dead wrong.

Oh yeah, in case I forgot to make myself clear, Hey Rush, fat boy, STFU.

by emsprater 2008-08-30 03:46PM | 0 recs


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