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wo months into 2010, the urgency for action on comprehensive immigration reform has grown, requiring us to take our efforts up a notch or two. We hope that the escalation of events for immigration reform over the past two months has got you fired up for the biggest mobilization of them all-  the nationwide ‘March for America: Change Takes Courage taking place in Washington DC on Sunday, March 21st when tens of thousands of workers, immigrants, families and allies from all over the country will be marching at the Lincoln Memorial to tell Congress and the White House that the time is NOW.

During his campaign, President Obama promised comprehensive immigration reform in year one. We have crossed the one-year mark and are still waiting for a common-sense solution to our broken immigration system. We are hoping that this is the last big push before we see the change we want- an immigration system that is just and fair, as well as good jobs and full citizenship for all America’s families. At the march we will be:

Demanding that the President and Congress keep their promise to enact comprehensive immigration reform for new American families.
Insisting that the President and Congress act boldly to make the economy work for all American families.

Where: National Mall, Washington DC
When: March 21st, 2010 – Interfaith Service at 1:00 pm, March at 2:00 pm

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Washington D.C. The main organizers of the march, Reform Immigration for America, and their collaborators are organizing buses from various parts of the country to D.C. to make it easier for you to get on board and be part of the action. To find the transportation options near you, click here. If you haven’t done so already and are ready to get on board and effect change, sign up here. And if we’ve inspired you enough to do something now, click here to see where your Member of Congress stands on immigration reform. Get behind them before you get to D.C.!

Don’t be left behind! We look forward to seeing you in D.C.!

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