Take action: Don't let divisive and racial politics wreck the census

From Restore Fairness blog

Republican Senators Vitter and Bennett are trying to wreck the US Census. Mr. Vitter is demanding that the census be forced to add a question about citizenship status to its 2010 questionnaire - a move that would cost millions of dollars in tax payers money and fundamentally compromise the nature of the census.

In a incredibly narrow minded move, the Washington Times reports that he has written letters to senators from nine states telling them it's in their interest to support him because they may lose seats to states with higher undocumented immigrant or noncitizen populations.

"Voting for cloture or against my amendment could very well be a vote to strip your state of proper representation in Congress and cede your state's influence to other states that reward illegal immigrants like California and New York," he said in his letter to Indiana's two senators, which would be among those at a disadvantage.

The reason for this is that huge immigrant population increases in some states during the last decade will change the proportional representation, resulting in a loss of House seats in about eight states, including Vitter's home state of Louisiana.

If passed, the Vitter-Bennett amendment would throw a monkey wrench into the U.S. Census by requiring over 120 million questionnaires to be reprinted, wasting over $7 billion in research, planning, and preparation that has occurred for Census 2010.

Don't let politics undermine the accuracy of the 2010 population count and inject an anti-immigrant agenda into every realm of public life.

Click here to write your Senator and tell them to vote NO on the Vitter-Bennett amendment.

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