• Hillary is not going to win so I really don't have anything to be worried about.

    This will be over in less than two weeks when Obama wins both Indiana and North Carolina.  I wish she would have bowed out gracefully or just continued on like Mike Huckabee.

  • She can't win and she knows it. She knows if Barack wins the election she will never be president.

    She is trying to destroy Barack OBama but if she thinks that she and the Democratic party allow this to happen, they are in for a rude awakening.

    Black americans will NOT put up with this.

  • No,

    The rules are the rules. Hillary has her own interpretation of the rules and because she is white she has been allowed to continue to destroy Obama.

    If Barack was in her position, he would have been forced out of the race.

  • You are insulting the black church. I have yet to hear you or anyone on this website in outrage over Rev. Hagee's comments. People are only outraged when it comes from a black man's mouth.  

    Yes, everything in this country is in black and white, if it wasn't Barack would have already had the nomination wrapped up.

  • She didn't really care about flag pins she had previously stated she would not vote for a black man.  She is utter trash. How dare you say a black person can play the race card.

    Typical elitist white person who wants to look down on blacks.  Boy, I wish I could play the race card, maybe I would be far better off in life than the white ex-con who can get a job before many educated and hardworking black people.

  • Jerome,

    Why is linfar allowed to post after such racist postings before? Is this what you condone on your site?

  • without the facts of the church is an insult. Rev. Wright is a patriot who unlike many white people decided to not go to college but to serve his country. How dare you insult him and the black church.

  • By asking such questions without knowing the full context and understanding the black church is an insult.

  • You were the one that said Americans found the first  hour of the debate useful.  If that is what you find useful in debates then I'm just pointing out that we should apply the same standards to Hillary the next go round.

    I personally thought that the debate was a disservice to democracy and insulted the people's intelligence. It was garbage in my opinion as there are far too many other issues at stake in this election besides "gotcha" guilt by association crap.  Why is whether or not Obama wears a flag pin important? Hillary never wears one. The only reason why Obama is getting such questions is that the media doesn't want to see a black man in charge. Period.

  • Stop insulting the black church. It is very very offensive and will not help ANY WHITE DEMOCRAT in doing so. Period.

  • Then we should ask about Bill. Hillary says you can't pick your family but you can pick your pastor.  

    1) She knows that black people do not switch churches like purses

    2) She could easily dump Bill as he is CURRENTLY cheating on her but she won't because she needs him for political reasons.

    Therefore, I think Hillary and her supporters need to STFU about Rev. Wright because all they are doing is making matters worse and she is about to get less than 2% of the black vote(which is CRUCIAL to dems) if she keeps it up.

  • So I suggest we ask them again until we get some answers if that is the route you want to go down.

  • If that is what you considered a debate that was "important" to voters who are losing their homes to foreclosures, stocking up on rice, can't pay their utility bills, can't get to work or look for work because of $4/gallon gas then next time we have a debate how about we ask the following questions of Hillary:

    1) Did you really kill Vince Foster?

    2) Are you a lesbian? Do you know any lesbians because if you know any lesbians you  must be a lesbian and that is just not american.

    3) Are lesbians americans?

    4) Where's Monica?

    5) Did you kill Ron Brown?

    Is that what you want?

  • doesn't mean that they are right. If you go to the secretary of state's website for PA you will notice that she only won by 9.2%.  Is it that hard to do a little bit of googling?

    No wonder why our country is falling further behind China and India.

  • comment on a post The race card is played and it's OK over 6 years ago

    Gee, isn't that what most people consider the republican party to be? A group of racists? Unfortunately, this primary season we are seeing the dixicrats in the democratic party and it is not pretty.


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