• over sticking to principal.

    Obama is one huge hypocrite.  He selected a VP with all the characteristics he TRASHED in the primaries.  And he also picked the person who trashed him directly saying he wasn't ready to lead.  How is that a winning move to write the GOP ads with your VP pick?  Why have 3 of the 4 last Pres/VP candidates for the Dems been those who supported this GOD DAMNED WAR?!  You're telling me he couldn't find someone who didn't?

    I'm in NY.  I could vote 2 million times for someone other than Obama, and he'd still carry this state.  So don't worry.

  • So, how are they different?

    She received 18 million votes from fellow Democrats.

    He received about 1,800.

    That's nearly 18 million ways in which they are different.

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    I've noticed that few, if any, have bothered to answer your central question.  Instead, they've started with attacks and troll behavior.

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    Voted for the Iraq War?  Check

    Been in Washington all his life?  Check

    Screwed Americans on bankruptcy?  Check

    Said Obama was not yet ready to be president?  Check

    Politics as usual.

  • Obama is another hypocrite.

    He said that being "right on day one," was more important than being "ready on day one."  He was talking about Iraq.  So who does he pick?  An early staunch supporter of the Iraq war, with an INANE plan to "fix" it with 3 puzzle pieces.

    Then, Bankruptcy Biden has hurt the American people with his 2001 and 2005 votes on bankruptcy reform.  How is that "change you can believe in" when 50% of all bankruptcy cases arise from medical crisis?  Biden's votes made it even harder for those Americans to fix their shattered lives.

    Then, he said Obama was NOT ready to be president.

    So, naturally, he's the VP pick.

    It's bullshit.

    Clark?  Good
    Richardson?  Good

    If you're going to pick an opportunist Democrat who votes on the polls, then pick Clinton.

    But a better idea is to pick someone like Clark.

    Obama sucks.

    McCain sucks.

    God bless a parlimentary system with more than two parties.

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    I listened to him.  It's about change we can believe in, or in other words, having second in command someone older in DC than the Potomac.

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    Biden is a hypocrisy pick.

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    Biden shows that it's not about being "ready on day one," but being "wrong on day one," per Obama's critique on Clinton.

    Voted for bankruptcy "reform"

    Voted for Iraq war.

    Said unequivocally that Obama was not ready to be president.

    Sounds like a perfect VP choice.

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    I just don't see how your VP can undermine everything you ran your campaign on, but hypocrisy is the foundation of politics.

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    He hasn't already?

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    Bayh and Biden are the same bad voting Senators that have supported the worst of Bush's horrid agenda.  They are male versions of Hillary Clinton, without the 18 million votes received.

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    Considering that CNN is parked outside his house...

    Surprised they could find a spot with the MBNA crew holding their weekly Friday night "thank you" party for Joe.

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    Biden was even more explicit than HRC in the sense that he told Stephanopoulus that Obama wasn't ready to be president.  Does he walk back now?

    Glad you caught that too.

    And he was "wrong on day one" about Iraq.  Voted to screw Americans on the bankruptcy bill.  And he's been parked in Washington since the Potomac formed.

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    Can anyone tell me if he voted for the bankruptcy bill and the war in Iraq?


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    "some of her "supporters" need to take a long look at who they really are, because a lot of them sure ain't Democrats."

    And with 5-10% of Republicans supporting Obama, a lot of them sure ain't Republicans.


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